Snowmen & Life

Good morning and happy Monday. Lets rewind to after our family New Years brunch party. The kids made a ginger bread village(that an earthquake collapsed). Lali was not interested in any building.. she was only interested in icing and candy eating. Damian was so concentrated and put on the candies and icing on the cookie… Continue reading Snowmen & Life

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, we were a little under the weather in our house, but it was a very Merry Christmas none the less. Haha, caught tio Sam yawning in the background. Before our Christmas celebrations, we celebrated December birthdays. It included a cousin’s birthday, Lali’s, & Papa’s. Lali got… Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Bakersfield Thanksgiving Vacation 2017 Part 2

Thanksgiving day we were busy bees. My mom and I had a lot to do. We were having aunts and uncles over, cousins, and my siblings and their families. We watched the parade in the morning while we ate breakfast. Did you know they televise it in Spanish?? Well, they do!! I sure do miss… Continue reading Bakersfield Thanksgiving Vacation 2017 Part 2

Bakersfield Thanksgiving Vacation 2017 Part 1

We got to Bakersfield around 7pm, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I dropped Danny off at the park to play some basketball with some friends and the kiddos and I headed straight to my moms house. I have a key, so I let myself in(after knocking with no response). She must have been in the restroom… Continue reading Bakersfield Thanksgiving Vacation 2017 Part 1