We Moved In!

Hello everyone. It has been almost 3 weeks since I last posted. No baby yet. We are all moved into our addition though :). As of this last Tuesday. It feels like we are in a whole different house.

Here is Danny working on the stairs that go up to our loft.

Danny thinking. Watching him stand like this reminded me of my dad. My dad always stands like that in deep thought while he’s working on a project.

The kids kept wanting to help. They’d put on their boots and stand by the door asking their daddy if they could come inside.

Home Depot run.

We tried to potty train Lali for a day and a half. She asked to sit on the toilet and was successful for number one and number two.. 2 out of 10 times. We were dangerously low on diapers and they’d be delivered the next day.. we gave it a shot. Haha, didn’t follow through so well though. I am in a stage of my pregnancy where I didn’t want to be up and down helping her onto the toilet.. especially with so many false alarms. Maybe when I’m not so fat anymore.

I posted this picture on Instagram and someone said they thought it was of my water breaking, hahaaha.

We went to Petco.

Saturday morning pancakes. My stomach was getting hot near the stove. I think my baking powder was expired because these pancakes were more like crepes.

The kid’s favorite.. bath time.

On my birthday, we went out to breakfast. 🙂 Going out to breakfast with my family is one of my favorite things to do. I miss going out to iHop with my mom. We used to go all the time. It was right around the corner from our house. I’d still drive over though, haha.

Taking shots of cream.

We went out to dinner when Danny got home from work. I finally got my shrimp cocktail. Makes my mouth water right now.. I want another one! I hadn’t had shrimp in a long time.

The kids and I went to Costco a couple of weeks ago. I was nesting crazy and we were running low on supplies.

We went to Ross and Damian requested we look at all the toys.

Lali wanted the pink horse. That girl is pink crazy. The other day she said she wanted a pink shovel.

We went to Target to look at the dollar spot and the kids each got a weird little caterpillar looking light up toy.  Damian bagged each of them individually. Nope, they don’t charge us for bags up here.

It was well over lunch time and I pulled through McD’s and got the kids some food. I parked at the TJMaxx parking lot and we ate our lunch before heading in.

They were hungry. They each had a cheeseburger, fries, and 4 chicken nuggets. It was about 20 minutes of silence and them stuffing their little faces.

One day, Danny came home from work early around 4pm and we all headed out to Round Lake. It was the first sunny day after many weeks of rain.


I decided not to join in on the canoe fun. I felt like I would tip it or something. Plus, I’m probably not very fun as I’m always panicking over the littlest things.

There they go..

..and here they come.

On a very, very windy Saturday morning we headed out to pick up some breakfast and watch the cousin’s baseball game.

The kids were mostly at the playground.

Lali apparently is a pro at the rock wall. She was fearless and went up countless times.

Damian was a bit more cautious and didn’t find it as fun, but he did go up a few times.

Another sunny day, I told the kids they could go outside after naps. They went to sleep without a peep and woke up ready to go. I pulled up a chair really close to the sidewalk and watched them play. I am still really worried about Lali running into the street but she seems to be understanding the danger. I’m not 100% confident she won’t though.

First day of shorts for Damian. 🙂 Lali gets pants because of scrapes. She is very dramatic.

Then, they moved on to the dirt. This is when Lali asked me to buy her a pink shovel.

Danny sanded down the plywood floor and stained it. Unfortunately, the first stain was really light and it looked as if it hadn’t been stained at all. Then, the second one came out too red. Danny then added another darker stain to go over the red one.

It was moving time. I spent some time sweeping and moving stuff around. There was a lot of sawdust. A LOT. It was everywhere. The room still needs baseboards and trim around the doors but Danny decided to wait on it until we get our permanent floors in. Whenever the time comes, we’re in no rush.

I don’t have any pictured of us all moved in. There is still some things that need to be put away and get moved around. I will post some soon though, hopefully.

We went out to Pizza Hut to watch some basketball.

We stopped by the park afterwards.

The next day Danny had me pack them a dinner and off to the park they went again.

Lali was waiting for her daddy to come home. They wanted to go to the park again, lol. She was all ready.

She waited and waited and looked out the door for quite some time. I eventually told her to come sit down for dinner.

I was trying to organize some things in our loft yesterday and I came across some pictures. I saw this one of my mom and dad on Damian’s first Halloween. It put a big smile on my face.


Pregnancy Update:

I am 37 weeks, 1 day. Wohoo, we have made it to the safe zone. This last week of moving was very tiring for me. I have been having a lot of contractions. I had an appointment with my midwife on Friday morning and she told me baby was doing great. I asked her what her guess was on the baby’s weight and she said if I had the baby that day she’d be surprised if he/she weighed 6 pounds. My blood pressure is really low, 90/60. My iron went up again though. It’s at a 12 :). I am 1 centimeter dilated and 80% effaced. She told me to get ready! I could be like that for a while though, so who knows. My body keeps doing a fake out with all these contractions. I keep praying that my water breaks so that I know for sure when to go into the birthing center. They have gone from painless, to uncomfortable, to feeling more crampy. I feel my stomach get hard and just last night they have started to get stronger. They don’t hurt per say.. but I feel like they squeeze more and I have to breath through them to relax. I was tensing up at first.  Maybe the next post will have a baby.. we’ll see when this little one decided to make his/her arrival.

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