Walks, Cake, Baby, & Walls

We seem to be on a 2 week blog post schedule around here 🙂

While I was on the mend from my fall, Lali helped with me with the laundry. I could barely walk around the first week. I was counting the days and really looking forward for the next day, and the next day after that. Because time passing meant that my knees would feel better each day.. right? ha.

Danny prepped me for my first shower. The tape mostly stayed on. My smaller scab got wet and a bunch of puss came out and it was red all around.


The kids and I made a chocolate cake.

When the oven beeped, they got so excited and sat down at the table. I had to reset the timer a few times because the cake wasn’t quite done at the initial time I set. They couldn’t wait; they ate really hot cake, lol.

One morning Damian was playing with his little men and Citlali was bringing him over some pretend food.

On a Sunday after Danny got home from work, he took the kiddos outside. I heated up some soup and brought it out to them.

Then Papa and Nonie came over for a little while to hang out by the fire.

Monday morning, the sun was shinning bright!  I was feeling optimistic about a walk and so we all headed out. Damian, Lali, Kuma, and I strolled by Nonie’s house and then walked over to the bridge. It was gloomy and a bit windy by the time we got there. I tracked my walking that day and we had manages 4.71 miles. Yikes.

I really wanted some Mexican corn one night. Mexican corn usually is a whole corn on the cob with mayonnaise, butter, and cotija/parmasean cheese. Some people put powdered chili on it. It sounds kind of gross but it is delicious. I had frozen corn so I made Ezquite(which just means its not on the cob, everything else the same). Oh, and a corn tortilla quesadilla with bacon.

Danny and his brothers put up and painted our shiplap wall. It still needs a touch up.

Yesterday, he spent the night framing in the windows. I looked at it this morning and I LOVE it! It was so bright this morning I love how light it is in there. I probably wont need an alarm clock soon. FALSE, the baby is going to be the alarm clock and I’m going to be a zombie.

Pregnancy Update:

I am 33 weeks today, wohoo!! I had an appointment yesterday and they told me my iron level was up to an 11. My midwife told me that if I could get it up to 12.5 I’d get an A+ haha. I am up to 155 pounds(my midwife’s scale said 158.8, but I’m going by my scale at home). Baby H. is head down and swimming in a lot of fluid. Yesterday we walked to dinner into town and I was struggling. Baby is way down there. I used the restroom twice before we left but on the walk I still felt like I needed to go; I didn’t. I could feel minor shifts too, like he/she was bouncing up and down and all around in there.

My midwife told me to start getting my list of supplies together and to be ready by 37 weeks. That’s in 4 weeks! I am growing very anxious and freaking out a little bit A LOT. I start thinking of what I need to do and then I get myself all worked up because I don’t think its going to get done in time.

This is my list:

  • Hopefully, our room is done by then.
  • I need to get everything arranged in the room(bed, clothes in closet, ebay clothes in the loft, shoes etc).
  • I need to wash the bassinet/get the crib set up.
  • I need to find the tiny baby clothes and wash it.
  • I need to rearrange all my kitchen stuff/clear the counters(Once the loft is ready a lot of office/mail stuff is going up there).
  • I want to move appliances up to the loft, pantry stuff out of the walkways
  • I need to wash the baby’s car seat(if I wash it now, there is not place to put it where it will stay clean unless I want to trip over it at night or have the kids break it by playing on it)
  • I need to order a twin mattress for the kid’s trundle bed(where my parents/mom will be staying depending on who comes).
  • I Need new bedding for the new mattress
  • I want/need to get our doors painted.
  • I want/need to refinish our table
  • I was also hoping I’d be all settled in to sew some things for the baby

That’s my list.. surely, I think I forgot to put some things on there that I just can’t think of right now. I sound like a crazy lady, don’t I??

AHHHH!! Although that is a 4 week countdown, I am not planning on the baby being here that soon. But it very well could happen. Pray for this pregnant lady.. I’m growing anxious when I know I shouldn’t be and I feel very lonely and miss my husband, since he’s been working a lot.

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