Hot Dogs, Donuts, Tumbles, & Bathroom

Happy Monday everyone. It has been another couple of weeks since I last posted. Here are pictures of all of our adventures.

I really wanted hot dogs for dinner one night and was video chatting with my mom before I made them. She told me to wrap them in bacon, and I followed her advice. It was as if we were at the fair, haha. Great dinner. Kuddos to me 😉

Little Lali bear. ❤ Somewhere in my parent’s house, there is a picture of my brother around this age(I’m guessing) in a cowboy hat smiling just like this. I think they look identical.

One morning we got up and I thought Lali had pink eye. She did not.

We stopped at the free bus ride after we got groceries.

The kiddos built towers.

We took a spur of the moment trip to see some baby chicks.

Of course, we looked for the bear.

I just thought these were giant chicks(chickens) before I read the label.

28 weeks and some days.

On Nonie day, I adventured over to Spokane. All by myself. I went to the mall..

I took my time at some of the stores in the mall. It was great not having to rush. I even went in to try on some clothes. What a weird feeling. Usually I just pick stuff out, try it on at home, and if it doesn’t fit I return it next time I make my way out to the store.

I drove back to CDA. Costco hot dog that I ate in the car. I was listening to the radio. Some Carrie Underwood song came on. I cried.

Quick trip to the grocery store with my babies. A different day. I remember I didn’t want to get out of the car. It started hail/snowing as soon as we got there.  We ran inside and were lucky enough to score one of these carts. They only have 3, I think.

Danny stayed up really late one night to install the glass in the shower. I think he came to bed around midnight.

One Saturday morning, we made it out to North 40 and saw a bunch of farm animals.

We made our way inside to look at the baby chicks again. The turkey chicks are little peckers. They were pecking at the glass where the kids put their fingers.

I love to peek in on the kids after they fall asleep. ❤

I went in to get my Rhogam shot early one morning. They have a bunch of toys for little ones to play with.

We were at Walmart one morning and made Kuma a dog tag. She didn’t have one before, I have been waiting to change my phone number so that I could put a local number on. I haven’t changed my number, lol. Oh well. I put our street address on there and my Bakersfield phone number.

I don’t wipe my kids faces very often, ha. This would bug my parents. They had just finished eating part of a brownie that I gave them earlier because we drove over to watch a house being demolished. We watched from the car.

Friday afternoon trip to CDA for some donuts. We planned to go first thing in the morning but Damian threw up in the car, twice. It was only water and after he had some breakfast he was back to his old self. He woke up asking me for pancakes because he didn’t feel well. Of course, I just thought he wanted pancakes. Poor little guy.

Lali chose her donut. Same as her momma.

Damian’s was a monster donut. Green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Saturday close to lunch time, I headed over to Nonie’s house. We were going to take a walk  with the kids to run some errands and maybe grab a bite for the kiddos.

It was one of the worst days of my life. I went out to the car to grab some jackets for the kiddos. Lali was by my side, because she was terrified I was going to leave without her. I was about to walk through their back gate when Lali took off running down the sidewalk. I called her and she kept on running. I called her again and she got too far for comfort, so I took off after her. I didn’t make it far when I slipped on some gravel and fell forward. I fell on my knees and hands and managed to bump my stomach a bit. I remember before I fell, Lali had made it to the corner & was about to cross the street.. I think I had yelled her name another time. There was a bus coming, he had stopped and watched the whole thing. There was also another neighbor lady that ran out to Lali as I was falling. When I looked up, she had made it across the street. I got up and ran to her, and Papa was close behind and grabbed Lali as he told me to go sit down inside. Lali was kicking and screaming being carried into the house. I went inside and called my midwife. Danny was called and ran over. He was working on a house about a block away. He later told me that his dad called him and he thought Lali was hurt because his dad told him Lali had ran out into the street and he needed to take Sammy to the hospital(he thought his brother Sam for some reason, not me). I lost it once I was inside, I then started to feel the sting on my knees and my hands. My pants were torn.

Danny rushed me to meet our midwife. We beat her to the birthing center. As soon as she made it there she did an ultrasound and checked the heart rate. Baby was doing great. She told me that things like this could send me into early labor and that I needed to take it easy the rest of the day. Stay off my pelvis. I wasn’t even allowed to sit, I had to lay down. She asked me if I was having contractions and I told her no. Then after a while I asked if she could tell if I was having contractions & she said, yes.. that I had one when I came in because my stomach got hard. DUH! It didn’t hurt so it didn’t register right away that it was a contraction( I didn’t feel my contractions with my first two until I was in transition). I kept crying because I kept thinking about Lali. I kept playing it over and over in my head. I felt like such a failure of a mom. This is how I protect my baby? I couldn’t even get to her in time and I just kept thinking, what if there were more cars coming, what if that bus hadn’t stopped. I would have had to watch my daughter get run over. It was an awful helpless feeling. But God is gracious. Praise the Lord we were all  okay.

The kids stayed with Nonie & Danny took me home and cut my pants off with scissors. He stuck me in a bath, per my midwife’s instructions. I was having contractions. I could feel my tummy tightening. Danny left me in the bath and went to pick up some things at the store. There was Epsom salt and a mix of herbs in a baggie floating in the tub(the midwife gave it to me). When he got back he helped me out and onto the couch. Danny brought me over water, chips, the remote, and my phone. I kept my hands on my tummy while I watched television. My stomach kept contracting. I kept crying. It was a very emotional day. My contractions were random I thought, then I started paying attention and tracking them. I downloaded and app and I timed them coming around 3&1/2-4 minutes apart and lasting 45 seconds. I lost track a few times because I got distracted by the show I was watching. There was a lot of movement from the baby throughout the day.

This is the worst scrape. It oozed and dripped all day.

Danny went to pick up the kiddos after he was done with work for the day and Lali and Damian knew mommy had “ouchies” because they had seen right before Danny took me to the midwife.  They wanted to see.

We all ate McDonalds and soon after my contractions seem to have stopped all together. They were going strong for about 6 hours though. I was pretty confident that I wasn’t going to go into labor though.. or maybe I was just in denial, haha.

This is the wound last night. Finally started to scab over.

I was pretty much laying on the couch all day yesterday too. These cuts and scrapes may not look too bad, but I feel really sore and stiff. Both my knees feel really bruised and any weight I put on hurts. I’m walking around like a penguin.

Anyway, since I was laying on the couch and not wanting to move.. Danny made a fire outside for the kids to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. Tio Jack and tio Sam made it out. I love these pictures, I’m sad I missed out though.

The kids are fans of marshmallows! Wohoo!!

Do you guys see Chapo? He’s waiting for someone to throw him some scraps.

Here is an update on our bathroom. It has been done for almost 2 weeks now, I think. Here, Danny was working on the vanity.

Isn’t it so darling?

TADA!!! The only thing left to do is put the mirror up & waterproof the shower.

I really like how it turned out. It has some recycled things and new things. I love how bright it is in there and how spacious it feels.

I’m 31 weeks. Baby is doing great. I am 151 pounds. I lost a pound over the weekend. Other than bruises and messes, we are doing okay over here. Going to be taking it easy and maybe get back to our walks soon. Kuma is starting to dig, I know she needs exercise. Oh, baby’s heart rate is at 155bpm. Make your guesses, boy or girl??

See you next time!


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