Addition: Bathroom Update & Life

Hello all. Happy Monday..

the weeks seem to go by fast in the blog world. Not in real life though. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and I want to meet my baby already.. but he/she is still cooking, so I guess I’ll have to wait.

Anyway.. here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I posted last, It doesn’t feel that long ago.

We have gotten more snow and the nice plow man came to get some out of the way of our mailbox, which I am very happy about. When the plows come, they make a small mountain at the edge of the driveway and in front of the mailbox. Then our mailman writes a note on our mail that he is blocked and I have to go shovel snow/ice so he can deliver our mail. I really don’t want to anger him because last year, he so kindly told us that we could put our mailbox in front of our house instead of the corner of the street with all the other mailboxes. This was because someone crashed into them and put all of the mailboxes back up except for ours..

Damian not sleeping for naps again. Momma’s bed it is.

This girl comes and sits by me asking to have some of my coffee… every day. Well, whenever I have coffee. She gets the last little bit in the cup usually.

He’s getting ready to jump on my bed.

Santa Claus pajamas are his favorite.

Spaghetti night.

I didn’t post a picture of what the layout of our furniture looked like since I rearranged everything. I almost didn’t want to post this because I thought to myself, “I can’t let the world see that I live like this”. Then I thought that was silly. I want to look back on this time and remember that I lived like this for almost a year with two little ones, pregnant, and I survived(being dramatic).

The kids are in that box having the time of their lives. Every time the blanket caved in they asked me to put it back. Then I made them get out because I thought they were going to suffocate.

Yea, we still have our mistletoe up. I can’t reach it. I guess I can climb on the table and try to get it but my irrational fear thinks the table is going to break and I’m going to land on my stomach, and then I’m going to have to be rushed to the emergency room and get monitored and maybe stitched up for large gashes on my body. See how that escalated? Welcome to my brain.

We haven’t had many sunny days, and we welcome the sunlight πŸ™‚

All the drywall is done!

That last little part in the closet has drywall on it now. We passed our inspection. On to the mud.

The kids and I went on a quick grocery run. When we were checking out, the lady scanning our groceries gave Lali something( I don’t remember what) and I told her, “como se dice?(what do you say?)” and she looked at her and said, “gracias senora(thanks lady)” in the most serious tone ever. I couldn’t help but laugh at the “senora” part. Then as we walked away, she waved her little hand and yelled, “bye senora(bye lady)!!”

I made the kids liver. I didn’t know that liver was quite the delicacy and a lot of people HATE it. I guess it’s an acquired taste..? πŸ˜‰ I was really curious to know if the kids would like it.

I just told them, “here’s your meat and beans for dinner”.

They both made a face when they tried it. After the first bite Lali was hesitant to eat it but finished everything without making any more faces. In fact, she wanted to be done so fast that she shoveled all those pieces on her plate in her mouth and chewed them all up at once. Damian gagged the whole time. Haha. He did finish though.

They got a prize for finishing. Cake! Just kidding, I just really wanted cake when I saw it at the store and I told them they could have some after dinner.. it wasn’t a planned “prize”. Also why Lali wanted to finish so fast, haha. Danny wasn’t home for dinner, he was at the office ’til 8:30 pm.

My dinner. Burrito: refried beans, cheese, liver. YUM.

We went to trade in our cars. Our little Escape doesn’t fit a third car seat, not the one we have anyway. We needed an upgrade. I really enjoyed my morning as I got to hang out with my favorite people.

YAY, a third row! Now we not only have room for baby, but also a couple of passengers. πŸ™‚ The kids were super excited.

The party continued at Papa and Nonie’s house.

I couldn’t get enough. I have a few frozen packages of liver and the one I thawed had about 6 or seven pieces(steaks?) in it and I was determined to not waste it. Plus, I really craved and looked forward to it. I had a doctors appointment right after I ate this and they told me I had low iron. Ahhhhh… maybe the liver craving made sense. I was also craving something from our local Mexican restaurant that had a bunch of steak in it. I guess the low iron would explain that craving.

After my doctors appointment, Danny took us all out to dinner.

Tio Sam & tio Pete joined us.

Every day for lunch, for 4 days. πŸ™‚

Look at that little savage baby. She insisted I put the sword through her diaper.

Living the dream. I wish I could just walk around in my underwear all day. Our windows are too big though.

I think they were playing, “lets look for the bear(to hunt it down)”. Do you see that hanger, that’s Damian’s bow.

Danny loves showing the kids a dance video. It’s a certain type of dance that I can’t think of the name at the moment…

This weekend Danny and Damian went to the gun show and Lali and I had a ladies outing. We went out to breakfast with the girls.

We sat around for quite a while after having finished our meal to chit chat and she was getting antsy. I kept trying to redirect her attention. I gave her all the cream, I let her draw on my phone, she scrolled through Pinterest.. finally I put the container of sugars in front of her. She took them out and put them back in for a while and then she decided she was going to stick them all in her pockets.

I did not object to this. She reminded me of an old lady. Haha.

We weren’t done hanging out, so afterwards we headed over to get Nonie some coffee(decaf πŸ˜‰ ).

Feast your eyes, on our master bathroom!

Danny painted and stained the walls. I love the contrast.

Lali wanted some skin to skin with her babies.

Today we went to Walmart. Damian asked me in the car while we were parking if we could go look at the toys. I told him we could go look, but I wasn’t going to buy any. He agreed and so after I got all the things we needed, we headed over to the toy isles. My mom used to always tell us she wasn’t going to buy anything for us before we went into the store. I guess it’s my way of prepping them before we go in. Danny is totally different. Sometimes he just decides to test our children on the spot, he doesn’t mind the crying or tantrums.. It’s a teaching opportunity, he would say. I have teaching opportunities all day, I need a break at the store.. lol. He is such a great daddy.

This little one did have some tantrums when I put toys back that she had grabbed.

Damian was such a joy to watch, he pushed all the buttons on the trucks and he didn’t ask me once for anything. He had the biggest grin on his face.

He would say, “mommy por aca(mommy this way)”. I just followed him around the isles of the toys he wanted to see.

On our way to the cashier, we saw this bike someone had left on a random isle. Damian asked me if he could get on and I said yes. He pedaled a little bit and then got off. It was on clearance for $29. I think that’s a good deal. We didn’t get it though.

Here is our bathroom with the vanity lighting. Danny came in with these yesterday and he said, “these were the ones you wanted right..?” “uhhh…no!”

I honestly don’t remember picking these, but I think I did. The picture on the box doesn’t do these justice. This picture doesn’t either quite honestly. They look great and much better in person. They have Edison bulbs, you can’t really tell from the picture.

Here is the finished stained shower wall. It is my favorite. It really came out how I pictured it in my head, thanks sweetheart! Danny is going to install the shower door and then waterproof it. Funny story: I keep telling my mom this is white and this is white(in reference to our addition) and I could almost hear her cringe. She does not prefer white anything because of the pain it would be to keep clean. She was trying to talk me out of white cabinets in the kitchen before Danny painted them, lol. I love the look of them and they have been very low maintenance.

Anyway… I love all the white and brightness it brings to the room. There is only that tiny little window in there too..

Oh, check out that heater. It works and everything. πŸ™‚

Lights on.

Light on over the shower.

It’s almost done. Danny picked up some flooring and was going to install it but it turned out too grey. He had sent me some pictures while at the store and I thought it was more of a white washed look. It wasn’t. I didn’t want the floor to clash with everything else. We picked out another one, that will hopefully go better with the rest of the bathroom.

The kids getting ready for nap time. Lali is very specific of where she wants her stuffed animals/dollies and if she wants them covered with her or not.

The cat needed to be covered.

I am 29 weeks pregnant. Baby and I are doing wonderful. With the low iron, I get sudden spurts of tiredness. My midwife gave me a vitamin and it seems to be helping with my breathing. I was so out of breath all the time, I just thought it was because the baby was squishing my lungs or something. Turns out it was my iron level. It’s at a 10 by the way. My hormones have been more normal? Craving: meat, Taco Bell, pancakes, hot dogs, a bear claw. Hmm… what else.. I weigh 149 pounds. I think this baby is going to push me into 160. With Damian before I gave birth I was 152, with Lali I was 156. I still have 2 & 1/2 months and the baby is going to triple in size. Yea, I think I will be in the 160’s. I would hope not though, we will see.

I will keep you updated, Danny is trying so hard to beat the clock and get the addition done. By beat the clock I mean, baby’s arrival. πŸ™‚ We are excited.

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