Addition Update

Happy Tuesday everyone!

My last post I didn’t have any recent pictures of our addition, and I felt like the timeline may have seemed off because I didn’t include all the progress that has been made. Danny has been working hard with the help here and there from his siblings, which I am so grateful for. He is a busy guy and he hardly gets a break. He gets home from work, has dinner, helps me put the kids down for bed, and gets back to it.

Look at my room! I am getting so excited! It looks gorgeous. It makes me kind of sad that it seems with this 3rd baby coming, we’re going to outgrow this house soon and not be able to enjoy it for as long as we’d like. I’ve been researching triple bunk beds though, so we’ll see. 😉

Drywall is up in most of the room. The only walls left to cover are the inner closet, the wall that has the door leading towards the backyard, and part of the wall with the two windows.

This one below is going to be my shiplap wall, not all the way to the top though. I think we are going to do shiplap where the two windows are too.

The kids were making a tower. This was Sunday morning. Danny was working on our addition and the kids were playing after breakfast. Danny went into the office later that afternoon.

When I finally sat down to eat my breakfast(cinnamon roll), Lali came over to steal a bite and a sip of my coffee.

I looked over and saw Damian putting all his hombres(men, that’s what he calls them) in the little truck and I said, “Wow Damian! A donde van todos los hombres?(Wow Damian! Where are all the men going?” .. He grinned up at me and said, “Van a comprar platanos!(They’re going to buy bananas)”.

Yesterday, it was super chilly. It was clear and sunny but the temperature was 14 degrees, according to my car. I dressed the kids up in lots of layers. They had a short sleeve, long sleeve, thin sweater, windbreaker, and a jacket for when they got out the car(they’re not safe in the car seat with a big winter jacket on). Oh, they also each had sweater leggings under their pants, their gloves, a hat, and snow boots. They were cozy, I’d hoped. We had to make a trip to Walmart that I had held off long enough. We were out of detergent and dish soap among other things.

Citlali freaked out and screamed when I got the asparagus. She said they were worms.

A bunch on snow fell off the top of my car and I had to stop to clear it. My windshield wipers got stuck in place.

Okay, so back to the add on. This is our bathroom. Look at all that shiplap. I’ve had a picture in my mind of the whole bathroom being white shiplap. We were originally going to go with a bathtub, shower combo. Scratch that. We are doing a great big shower, with stained shiplap on the back wall, and the rest white. Danny said he can make it water proof.

This is approximately where the vanity will be.

Window above where the toilet is going to be.

This is the wall opposite of the shower, and the door leading to the bedroom.


Hallway just outside the bathroom, looking out towards the room.

Work in progress.

The loft is all ready. The closet is all covered too.

One more wall to go!


We woke up today to even colder temperatures. My phone said it was 1 degrees. One of our water pipes froze. Our heater has been working overtime and yesterday it didn’t stop running. Usually it will run and then shut off and then start back up when it dips below the temperature we set. Last year all these really cold spells happened in January, it kind of took me by surprise.

Anyway, that is the progress in the addition. It’s getting close. I will try to keep everyone updated. 🙂

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