Outings, Moose, and Projects

Happy Saturday evening.

We are currently having a snow storm that is on its second day? It’s funny, when I think of a snow storm I think of the wind blowing really hard and just horrible chaos. Nope, it just means it has been snowing all day. It’s really small flakes of snow too, it’s like the sprinkling equivalent. The driving conditions are treacherous though.. as much as you wouldn’t really think so. At least, I wouldn’t have.

Anyywayy.. a few weeks ago we went to the Goodwill. We stocked up on some books and got a little sitting stool.

Damian was walking around the store like that the entire time.

We went to North 40. The kids love this store and always. always, always ask for the bear.

One day, Danny got Damian ready to go to Home Depot and Citlali got so excited and went to look for her boots and was all ready to go. She did not get to go. She scooted her stool over to the door and looked out the window almost until they got back. It was very sad.

The guys working on the add on.

Tongue and groove ceiling and new light fixtures.

This is the loft.

The kids and I went to Costco. The smoothie guy with the blender was there and the kids got to try some pineapple concoction. Lali waited and just held hers for a long time.

Damian loved it.

Finally tried it.

Hmmm… not sure.

I wanted these. I didn’t get them.

We went back the very next day to get a chandelier for our add on. We visited the smoothie guy again. The kids were holding their smoothie and as I was walking them out to the car, I hit a curb. HARD. Their smoothie flew everywhere. I couldn’t help but laugh. They were not amused.

Danny installing the chandelier.

The kids eating breakfast.

Sprinkles are life.

Home Depot run.

We were looking at showers for our room.

I took the kids out to the bridge to play.

Damian was playing with Kuma one morning.

Another morning, we went out to CDA for donuts.

Damian requested a gummy worm dirt donut. He ate one gummy worm and tried to give me the other one. I don’t like gummy worms. Damian just ate the top of the donut, per usual.

Lali’s donut was an owl or something? She ate the M&M’s  out of the eyes before I took the picture. The nose was an M&M too.

My favorite, pink sprinkled cake donut. Coffee.

Lali took some tiny bites and licked some of the frosting off the cookies and the donut. I don’t know if she is my child.

We went to Target afterward. We made our way through almost all the isles. Lali wanted all the dollies.

We don’t usually make it to 3 stops because at least one of the kids starts acting up. This time we did. We went to Panera. The kids brought a lunchables they asked for from Target.

I got them some mac n cheese too.

They napped in the car all the way home and we even made it to the Dollar Tree because I was feeling rather ambitious on my outing for the day. We brought back these little painting kits. They are little piggy banks and they come with the paint. Pretty sweet deal. We waited until Danny got home to start painting.

So much concentration.

I took Kuma out in the morning as I usually do. She would not stop barking. She usually barks at people walking by. I peaked out the window as I was getting ready to make breakfast. “Holy crap..there’s a moose across the street!”. Our friend came back to visit us again. At least, I think that’s the same one?

Lali was feeding her “Obeja(sheep)” during lunch.

Damian’s stinky little well loved duck wanted to sit at the table too.

Another morning during breakfast.

Drawing with daddy.

We went to visit Danny at work one day to drop something off.

He took them out to run around the building.

VALENTINES DAY!!! I made the kids heart pancakes. They have no idea what Valentine’s Day is. They just know we had heart shaped everything that day. Haha.

They went out to play in the snow while I tried to shovel most of the driveway. I was so out of breath. I only managed to shovel half of it. Sort of.

The kids decorated cookies after naps.

Green, because I had Christmas icing.

Heart shaped pizza. YAY!

I rearranged the living room this week because I was crying at the clothes pile I had on the couch. I had an “AHA” moment and placed the clothes rack in the corner(where it hopefully can’t collapse because it’s being held up by the wall), flipped the bed around and it’s now where the couch used to be, and moved the couch up to have the bed behind it. We now have a tiny living room and a bed “hiding” behind the couch. It took me about 3 hours.. but I felt much, much better afterward.

That’s the kids playing in the “new little” living room space.

That’s a block of cheese. I suspect this was Lali.

Danny showed me this vanity that Mark and he built for a project house. I was very impressed. I’m kind of jealous, I want one.

I have a little baby stock pile going. I need to stop, lol. Almost every trip we have made to CDA I have found something for the baby. Of course, we still don’t know what we are having and not planning to know.. I saw those little headbands and I thought, “If we are having a girl she probably won’t have much hair.. these are perfect!”

This afternoon Damian was not falling asleep. He kept making a ruckus in his room and I was afraid he would wake Lali. I brought him out and told him to sleep on my bed. He crawled right on and tucked himself in. He was asleep in 15 minutes. Peace at last! Nap time is my break, haha.

Ignore the clothes mess on the bed.. I’m still working on it.

I am 27 weeks pregnant today, wohoo!! 13 more weeks to go..? Is that right.? Might as well be a lifetime. I’m just getting fatter and fatter with more heartburn. I had a first today of being kicked in the bladder. My other two babies didn’t do that to me. It was really weird. I’ve had moments of when I feel the baby on my bladder, but I’ve felt that before. This time I felt it being kicked. I was afraid I was going to wet myself. The baby kicked me 3 times in the bladder. This baby better calm down. Also, I’m as emotional as ever.. that hasn’t changed. I imagine it’s not going to get better. My appetite could be better. Some days I just don’t want to eat because nothing sounds good.  I’ve bought some Tums and I have some every night. Let’s see.. what else..? OH! I came to the sad realization that this baby is probably going to come late. With my other babies, I had the early ultrasound done and both times they set my due date 2 weeks later. This time they didn’t. So although Damian and Lali came “early(37 weeks & 39 weeks)”, it would probably have been around their original due date I had or in Lali’s case.. a week after. We shall see. Due date May 19th.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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