Target, Moose, Addition

It’s still a winter wonderland in this part of the world. 🙂

Last Thursday, the kids and I went to Target. I needed an outing. Target is one of my favorite stores. Sometimes I just like to walk up and down the isles and look at everything. The dollar spot takes up a lot of my time. I think I was looking through the clearance rack of women’s clothes when Damian started weaving in and out of the isles and “shooting at objects” with a hanger he found.

Lali enjoys her time at Target too. She likes to hold everything I put in the cart and she likes to move the clothes from the racks as I do.

Long Bridge.

You guys.. the moose came to see us again!!! Danny was getting ready to leave for work early Saturday morning when he saw it right up next to our house. The kids ran over to the window to take a look. Just look past all the hand prints on the window 😉 .

That’s still a young moose.

Bye Moose. See you later.

After church on Sunday, we went to watch a little football and eat some lunch.

This girl loves her daddy.

Damian was watching a monster truck show that was playing on one of the TV’s.

Yesterday morning, we went to Walmart for some essentials. It wasn’t that cold out, but the kids wanted to wear their gloves. It was definitely warm inside the store. Lali took her gloves off after a while, Damian did not.

Damian thinks he needs to dye his hair.. hmm.. what do you think? 😉

I caught Damian rearranging some lip glosses. Ooops.

The guys came over yesterday evening to help put on the insulation/plastic for our addition. Woohoo, one step closer! =D

Side note: remember my meltdown last week when the electrician wasn’t able to make it..?  ..he came over the very next day and finished in a couple of hours. The inspector came over the day after that and passed us! Then, the framing inspector came and passed us too. YAY!

You know.. they’re up there working and I’m over here being helpful taking pictures.

Tio Jack being silly. “Take a picture of me like this.”

They’re going to blow in insulation where the plastic is. Tongue and groove ceilings covering the plastic.

While the guys worked I put my feet up and sat with the kids while they watched ‘The Magic School’ bus before bed. My little loves.

I am 23 & 1/2 weeks(almost 6 months) pregnant and the baby is KICKING. A lot. For those of you wondering, my hormones seem to have balanced out my emotions this past week(sort of). I don’t think I’ve cried once at something silly. Or at all for that matter. As weird as it may sound.. I think I have gone to the opposite side of the spectrum. Haha… there have been situations in which the kids hurt themselves and I just look over at them with no sympathy and tell them to suck it up & that they’re okay. Unusual for me. They’re bleeding from the mouth and come over crying to me and I feel nothing. Well, I dooo feel concern. I just make sure we don’t have to go to the emergency room and that’s it.

Cheesecake cravings are still in full force. I get the ones from my local supermarket that are just tiny little things, about 2 inches in diameter and I eat half of it. I save the other half for the next day. I’ve also been wanting watermelon & figs(which aren’t really in season). I’ve been craving some Mexican dishes which I constantly tell my mom about. I miss her being near because when we lived in Bakersfield, whether I was pregnant or not.. I would let my mom know what I was craving and she would call me up days later and tell me to come over, that she had made whatever it was for me <3. Or we’d go out to get it.

I am terribly tired by the kids nap time. If I don’t get to nap though.. It seems as if I get a second wind and stay up late and then I can’t sleep. What is up with that? I also wake up several times during the night. Just out of nowhere. & it’s not to use the restroom. I have never had to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom with any of my pregnancies. Sometimes I do have to pee like a racehorse in the morning though..

Anyyywaaayyy… that’s what’s happening over here. 🙂 We are staying in as it’s slushing today. It’s kind of a rainy day.. mixed with slush. It looks like a bunch of snow cones were thrown around our walkway.. put it that way.

Happy Humpday !

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