Snowmen & Life

Good morning and happy Monday.

Lets rewind to after our family New Years brunch party. The kids made a ginger bread village(that an earthquake collapsed). Lali was not interested in any building.. she was only interested in icing and candy eating. Damian was so concentrated and put on the candies and icing on the cookie walls/roofs. It was really cute how attentive he was.

Danny and I went on a dinner and movie date. This was at the register. Haha.


I made the mistake of giving the kids markers to color with.

We made it to Costco 10 minutes before closing. We got a few things and ate the last hot dog and cheese pizza slice they had.

Just random pictures of the snow. 🙂

The kids like to take all the blankets off our bed and wrestle around in them.. and sometimes they just make a cozy spot on the floor and cuddle together to watch some tv.

Throwback picture of Lali at a Christmas party.

When the kids come out in the morning and it’s cold in the living room, they like to cuddle up with blankets. Oh, and Lali likes to copy anything Damian does.

Fresh snow!!!

It snowed this past week and we had “building a snowman” on our bucket list of things to do in the snow. We HAD to make one. Last year, we didn’t and I was so sad about it.

I remember the night before telling Danny that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make a snowman. He just scoffed at me, like.. “pfft.. it’s easy”.  It is NOT easy. I tried to make a ball with it but it didn’t work out, so I just pressed a bunch of snow together to make the body. Again, I tried to make a ball for the head but couldn’t for whatever reason(the snow was temperamental). Danny later told me that you have to make a ball and roll it around so it picks up more snow and gets bigger. Ohhkaay.

He’ll have to help us out next time.

We were also missing a carrot for the nose. We didn’t have any buttons for the eyes, but I improvised with ornaments. He also had a tiny scarf. Damian loved our snowman and was more interested in building it than Citlali was. He named him Damian, lol.

The kids played on the little hill Danny made for them. It has gotten taller and taller since that is also where all the snow from the roof falls on.

It was kind of warm so our snowman died melted that day.

The city was doing some street maintenance. With the snow, the streets have become more and more narrow, so they come and push snow further out the way.

We had a double date sort of outing with tio Mark and tia Holly Saturday morning. Nonie and Papa watched the kids.

That same day we went out with Papa to watch some football at Pizza Hut.

The movie “Up” was playing on a tv and Damian was very interested in it.

We heard Lali yelling for us.. she was stuck and didn’t know how to get down. Poor, mischievous thing.

We have a sunny day to start our week. I like the sunshine.. but I do not like that all the handprints on the window are more noticeable.

I was so excited today as our electrician was supposed to come by and finish all the electrical for our addition/bedroom. He cancelled. I was so bummed, especially since last week it was supposed to have been ready but unfortunately, we didn’t pass the inspection. I cried when Danny told me he wasn’t going to make it today. It’s hard being a pregnant lady.

I am 22 weeks pregnant(5 & 1/2 months). Baby is doing well and moving more every day. Danny can kind of feel the movements now. I’ve had less aversions, thank goodness! I was very emotional about 2 weeks ago. Anything made me cry. One day, during nap time Damian decided to get all his books and start tearing pages out. I was making dinner and hadn’t discovered the disaster. I went into his room for something and saw the pages all over the floor. I made Damian sit on the bed and wait for Danny to come home. When he came home I just broke down in tears when I saw Lali’s favorite book all torn into pieces. Damian cleaned up his mess. The next day I cried again when I saw that he had missed some books in his cleaning up process. I am in a fragile state you guys.

Hoping for less emotional weeks ahead, haha.




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