Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, we were a little under the weather in our house, but it was a very Merry Christmas none the less.

Haha, caught tio Sam yawning in the background.

Before our Christmas celebrations, we celebrated December birthdays. It included a cousin’s birthday, Lali’s, & Papa’s. Lali got more exciting presents :).

Lali got some very neat books in Spanish and a truck with a horse trailer and some horses.

There she goes trying to steal my boots again. I foresee her borrowing a lot of my shoes when she’s older.. but I think she’ll be taller than me.. so maybe not. 😉

Danny brought me cheery flowers one day after work.. oh, and cheesecake! It was a big craving at the time.

This is when the kids got sick.

Danny is tired, and caught whatever the kids had.

Damian and Lali were playing with the baby dolls & tucking them in. This is Damian’s baby.

We went to Danny’s work to drop off goodies and pick him up for lunch.

I love brick buildings.

We hung out a bit while Danny waited for a client.

Look at that view!

We raided the break room and ate Christmas cookies.

On a different morning we went out to play in the snow.


Danny has been working on that hill Lali is sliding down on.

Danny ran up and down the street with the kids on the sled.

Then they tried to pull him.

Nonie & Papa and the tíos had recently been sick, we had them over for Christmas breakfast.. we were still under the weather..

The kids opened presents after.

Lali likes to open presents with her mouth. Who knows why.

Stickers!! Let me tell you, those stickers are all over our floor. Good thing they are the not paper stickers. They’re sort of metallic glitter.


Playmobil! Damian got a Pirate! I love this age, he likes all the little accessories and he gets the little book that comes in the package and looks though it in awe. He says, “mommy es mi libro(mommy it’s my book)”. Two presents in one, haha.

Mommy, abrelo(mommy open it)”.

“Ohhhh.. palabraaaas(ohhhhhh…woooords)!!” -Lali when she saw Danny’s sweater. Lol

YAY!! More Spanish books!!! 😁

Lets help mommy clean!

My favorite present for Lali. A tea set!

More playmobil!

Dinner at Papa & Nonie’s.

She brings me coffee & watches me until I drink it. Then refills my cup.

We got a TON of snow a couple of days ago. It snowed all day and I didn’t go out to shovel..

We waited ’til a day after.. the kids lasted two whole hours out there.

Lali pulled the sled in circles around the cars.

They came in wet and chilly ready for a hot lunch.

All the snow fell off our house yesterday and is pretty much to the top rails of the porch. We have some sunny days ahead and lots of play in the snow too! 🙂

I am 20 weeks pregnant, woohooo!! Halfway already. I am still having some aversions.. not really an appetite most of the time. I’m wanting a lot of spicy foods & Brie cheese of all things. Oh, Coca-cola is a constant craving. Hmm, what else.. I’ve gained 11 pounds and have had some acne breakouts.. makes Danny think we’re having a boy. I’ve felt the baby move here and there.

I don’t know if Danny & I will stay up tonight but I will see you all next year!

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