Parties & Snow

Hey everyone! We’ve had some cold weather and snow finally!! Woohoo! A lot has happened since we got back from Bakersfield.

Here is a pic of the guys working on a garage. It’s pretty much all enclosed now and has a roof. This is when they were putting the trusses up there.

We got our tree earlier in the month. It’s the top of a tree, which is perfect for our small space.

We put it on top of Kuma’s crate.

I told the kids to go read in their room while I did some cleaning. I found them making a book stack..

Danny and I went on a date. Thursday night happy hour! I had $5 wings. They were better than they sounded at the moment.

December 8th.. Damian woke up to balloons all over the floor and he promptly went in to wake up Citlali saying, “Citlali, feliz cumpleaños!” Danny and I were still in bed in the living room.. we both heard him and thought it was so sweet. She got out of her crib and came to the bed to join us. Danny got her some presents to open.

She got some bows and a doll stroller.

We took her out for a free breakfast. It’s our little birthday tradition.

Birthday girl took some shots.. of cream that is.

That girl loves her daddy.

Guess who got some mud pie for breakfast..?

The kids love pushing the button that turns on the carousel.

After breakfast, Danny went to work and the kids and I went to play.

I made her a teeny cat cake. I know, the cat looks droopy. It had two faces because I messed up the other side even more.

Look how unimpressed she is..

There’s some excitement!

What was left.

Sugar rush dance. Happy Birthday little girl ❤ .

Last Sunday, we attended Danny’s Christmas work party. There were sleigh rides..

And Nonie & Papa!

The kids ran all over the place.

They got presents. A truck for Damian, a doll for Lali, and some ornaments for the tree.

We had a really fancy prime rib dinner. It was so good!

We also had a chocolate pie dessert that was out of this world.

The party ended with a white elephant ornament exchange. We scored two snowmen ornaments to put on our tree.

Damian was playing with his his toys one morning and he says, “mommy ven! Mira, están viendo el hombre, se murio( mommy come look! They are looking at the man, he died).

I thought it was hilarious. How does he come up with these scenarios.

I went out shopping while Nonie watched the kids for me. I came across this display of gingerbread houses. Or mangers, I should say.

This morning, we headed out to Tio Marks and aunt Holly’s house for breakfast.

There’s Lali making her way down the stairs..

She was showing me that the doll had shoes.

After playing inside for a little while, I got all the kids ready to go outside in the snow.

I was cracking up at cousin J pulling Citlali. She was telling her, “Lali you’re heavy”. Lali kept sliding off too. Oh man..

It was game over for Damian when he took his gloves off. So, inside he went.

I came back to get Lali and found her sandwiched under little cousins C being pulled by big cousins C. Hahaha.

Oh, and here’s little cousin C trying to eat the snow while being pulled on the sled.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.. I love watching the snow fall. This year, I want to make snow ice cream, build a snowman, and a big sledding mountain on our front yard. We will see how many of those we can cross off our list. I keep forgetting I’m pregnant when I’m out running around with the kids, and I soon remember when I try to run after them or pick them up for whatever reason.

Happy Saturday!

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