Outings & Travel

Hey guys! We are still here. It’s been a while & I have a ton of pictures.. 

Let’s go back to when Danny and I went on a date.. about a month ago..

Yes, that is my calamari that Danny refuses to try. I was still in my queasy state of pregnancy, at around 11 weeks. I just really only wanted to eat this calamari.

Danny had a steak.

At one point throughout our date, I couldn’t even look at his meal. I propped the menu up so I wouldn’t have to look at it. Our waitress came over and was cracking up and started asking what “all this” was about. Haha.. interestingly enough.. we later found out that she had just moved from Bakersfield! Second one that week. The girl at AT&T just moved from there too! What a small world.

Yea, that would have grossed me out a month ago.

We went out for dinner & ice cream in the middle of a blizzard. I was not in an “eat whatever they had here” mood so I just had an iced tea. 

Just out shopping with my kiddos..

Jack taking selfies..

Danny and Popa working on a friends garage.

My mom was so excited as the days came closer to our visit. She sent me this picture of her cat. She rescued her when she was only a month old. She found her out by the mares and it had been shaken up pretty badly by a dog. 

We were invited over to dinner at our friends house the night before we left to Bakersfield.

The mornings we were scheduled to leave, Danny went in to work to get some things squared away. The kiddos and I went off to the get a last minute oil change.

We left around 1:30pm and we got to Bend, Oregon at 10:00pm.

We shared a bed with the kids. We got little sleep. They are crazy sleepers. This is what we woke up to. 

Back to the car we went.

Hello California!! Look at the trees, it’s still fall here..

The kids were getting really tired of the car. We stopped for lunch so they could run around and poop.. oh, and eat.

I don’t remember where we stopped but we had about 7 hours to go…

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