Bakersfield Thanksgiving Vacation 2017 Part 2

Thanksgiving day we were busy bees. My mom and I had a lot to do. We were having aunts and uncles over, cousins, and my siblings and their families. We watched the parade in the morning while we ate breakfast. Did you know they televise it in Spanish?? Well, they do!! I sure do miss Spanish tv up here. 

Anyway, I was in charge of the turkey and some sides and my mom was making ribs and some more sides. We also had people bring ham and lots more sides and desserts. Yum, there was a TON of food. 

We all ate around 7ish..? Mexicans eat late. It’s okay. 

We all hung out afterwards and my dad started giving Bull rides!

Clear the way everybody!

Eventually, my dad got a bungee cord and looped it twice and stuck their feet through so that they wouldn’t fly off.

Lali held on the longest every time.

My momma.

My parents and their babies.

On our last day, we were scrambling to get everything into the car. My dad got the pony ready and wanted some last pictures of Damian riding, all dressed up. 

We went to McDonalds one last time. The kids are pretending to be caterpillars.

Goodbyes are sad. My dad always puts on his sunglasses when he knows there are going to be tears. There were tears all around. Except for the kids.. they didn’t know we wouldn’t see them for who knows how long.. 

It’s getting harder for me to leave as the kids get older. I see how much they love their grandparents and how much fun they have. I just think of the shock it is every time to see how much they have grown and all the little things they do and say. 

Until next time Bakersfield, where I left a piece of my heart. ❤️

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