Bakersfield Thanksgiving Vacation 2017 Part 1

We got to Bakersfield around 7pm, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I dropped Danny off at the park to play some basketball with some friends and the kiddos and I headed straight to my moms house. I have a key, so I let myself in(after knocking with no response). She must have been in the restroom or something.. she was startled when she saw us in the living room. Lots of hugs!!
I think it was the next day, my mom and I went to the store to grab some essentials. Oh how Walmart has changed since I was there last. Apparently, they’ve had a theft problem and the cosmetic section was enclosed and I had the choice of paying for the things I got in that section there, or taking it in this security box so that I could finish shopping. They also had a bunch of random isles with motion sensed cameras and portable solar powered security cameras out in the parking lot. I had to keep reminding myself to lock the car.

Papi Cuqué has oh so many cowboy hats that he kids tried on.

Papi Cuqué was working in LA all week. We didn’t see him until Thursday night, he surprised us when we came home from dinner. He brought Damian another cowboy hat, which was perfect because we didn’t bring his other one(I couldn’t find it!! 😬).

This is the next morning..

It was a pretty windy and overcast day.

See the fear in Lali’s eyes??

This is their cousin, he’s about Damian’s age.

My dad put Lali in the wheelbarrow and pushed her around while they fed the horses. 

They loved that donkey. After all the riding, they fed him some.

When the weekend came, we made TAMALES!! 

That’s the masa.

The green chili chicken.. there was red too(my favorite)! 

My mom and I got busy when the kids went down for naps. She boiled everything to make the sauces, I put it in the blender.. she washed all the husks and I shredded all the chicken. She put the pot on the stove( it’s a gigantic steamer pot).  Then, we started assembling. You put a little bit of masa on the husk, and then smear it on.

Then, you put some saucy meat on there.

After that you wrap it up and make some more.

I told you it was a giant pot. It took up most of the stovetop.  Oh, and by the way.. tamal is the singular, not tamale. 

Saturday morning after we went to feed the mares, we went to iHop. Woohooo, my favorite! I hadn’t been to an iHop since my last visit in March. 

People came over to eat tamales.

We got Damian all dressed up to ride the donkey.

We went to C.A.L.M.

All the snakes liked Citlali. As soon as she got to their tank, they would move! so weird.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but that lady is holding a tiny owl.

Mountain lion.

Here we have the kids building Trump’s wall.. haha, just kidding! 

Hey we’re doing that for a while until they came across a black widow. Danny hopped right up and squished it. I’m glad we don’t have black widows here! I asked a friend if she had ever seen one and she told me that the only ones she’d heard of came in someone’s suitcase from California. So there you go.. 😉.

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