Memories From Our Front Porch

Okay guys, so.. our porch is done! It has been done for about 2 weeks :). It was done in a day an a half.. It is soooo nice to have it.

Here, Danny is finishing it up and making the steps.


I came out to sit down and watch him work. I tied Kuma out on a 20ft leash to try to train her to come when I called her. The few times I’ve let her out with no leash, she runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. She runs out to into the street too.. she got hit by a car a while back. I should say, she ran into the car really hard, head first. Don’t worry, she was fine. She was even mad at the driver(he stopped right before she hit him) and barked at him. Mensa.


When my babies came out on the porch for the first time, they could hardly believe it. I am not kidding. They were a little confused, but that quickly melted away and they started running back and forth on it. Then, tested out the steps.



Chapo doesn’t care. He will sit on top of Kuma’s crate.


One of the kid’s favorite activities: running around with hats, boots, and their ponies. They race around the kitchen table.


Sunny days of Fall..


Right before we went outside, we had a very early lunch around 11:30, which the babies are not really used to. They picked at their food. Anyway, when we came back inside, I was getting them ready for naps and Citlali ran back into the kitchen and I found her shoving a bunch of food in her mouth. Haha..


Danny came home one day after I had been laying in bed feeling very yucky. He told me he was taking me on a date to Wing Stop. WOHOOO!! I wasn’t feeling all that great but I wasn’t going to let a Wing Stop date pass me by, as I had been craving it for about 3 weeks. Note: I had been randomly googling pictures of their wings. One of the few things the thought of wasn’t making me gag.


My hot date ❤


Different day. Helping momma rake some leaves. My favorite, watching them throw them up in the air.


That’s a tiny yellow rake Lali is holding.


VOILA! Here is the front porch(I finally remembered to take a picture of it).




Lali put on my rain boots. Have I told you this girl loves shoes.


We took a little day trip to Montana.


Swinging bridge!


I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted. My phone kept dying. It doesn’t do very well in the cold. It was charged 80 percent and it kept dying. I would keep powering it up and it kept turning off. OH, and then I lost it. It fell out of my pocket probably after this picture. I didn’t realize it was missing until we got back to the car. Danny ran all the way back to try to find it and was out of luck. I walked halfway and asked everyone I saw if they had seen it. A very nice lady did, and she handed it over and told me she found it by the swinging bridge. A sigh of relief. So thankful for honest people.


Here you have, the birthday boy husband. 🙂 28 years old. We went out to lunch after church.


She’s wearing Damian’s boots.




Little miss scarecrow.


& Robin Hood!


Cat eyes. Damian was SOOOO excited about his costume. Danny bought the kids the movie a little while back and it’s Damian’s favorite!


A very late dinner after trick or treating. The kids love to trick or treat. They we psyched that people were just giving them a bunch of candy for knocking on their doors. We’re going to have to teach them about stranger danger.


Red lipstick and eyeliner for her costume makeup.


YOU GUYS!! It snowed yesterday!


Today, we woke up to A LOT of snow. The kids were ready to go out and play as soon as they got up. I made them wait though. Citlali doesn’t like to wait.


After about 20 minutes of getting them ready, we were off!


Damian was not happy about his mittens. He wanted to wear the cheap gloves.


She’s going for the neighbor’s slide.


My little snow bunny.


As you can see, there is snow all over our porch! We are going to need to enclose it somehow if we don’t want a layer of ice to build up over time.


I did switch out Damian’s gloves after a while. They got all clumpy with snow. Then, he asked for his other gloves.. go figure. I told him no.


Kuma loved the snow. She jumped around in it and ate quite a bit of it too.


Citlali is a dainty little flower. Her nose and cheeks got red right away. I was shoveling the walk and the driveway while they played. I think we were out for 20 minutes when Lali came over and told me she was cold and asked me to carry her. Ohhh my heart. I had her sit inside with the door open. She did that for a little while and then came back out to help me dust some snow off daddy’s car.


It started to snow heavily at one point when we were outside. The kids looked beautiful running around, the snowflakes hitting their faces. I am so thankful they get to experience snow. I hope they grow up to love it as much as I do.

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