It’s Been A While..

Hey everyone.. it’s been a while. I have been napping every chance I get.  Or I’m nauseous.

Any whoo.. here are some pictures from the past weeks.

Burgers and ice cream after church.


We went on a morning walk with friends.


I helped Danny during nap time one afternoon. I just held up the boards.


The kids came out to play one morning.


It was all fun and games until Citlali went into the pool. Damian had been throwing dirt in it. Citlali got in swooshed the water all around and screamed bloody murder when I carried her out.


Sorry no pictures of that.. I’m sure you can form an image in your head.


Siding done in the back.


I got these swords at the dollar store. The kids love them! (they broke, hopefully I can tape/glue them back together). They took them to the park.


There was some dog poop on this path.. Citlali looks at it and says, “que es eso mami?(what’s that mommy?)” .. I told her it was dog poop and not to step on it.. I was on my way for a wipe to pick it up. Can anyone guess what happened?! As I turned back around I saw Citlali purposefully step on it STOMP it! I was so grossed out! She freaked out and I wiped it off.


Danny got me flowers and the kids were admiring them. 🙂 Oh, and picking off the petals while I stepped out to throw the trash in the bin.


I was eating Hot Cheetos one morning.. and the kids wanted some. I let them have one because I thought they wouldn’t like them and it would burn their little tongues.. (I know, best mother award please) .. it backfired. Citlali asked for more.




Danny and his dad working on the something.


I made the kids a quesadilla for lunch one afternoon that Danny didn’t come home for lunch. These kids.. I turn around for a moment to make my own quesadilla and the next thing I know, there’s sour cream all over their hair and face.


..another park day.


This cat came over to say hi as we were leaving.


A favorite at Nonie’s house. Those eggs.


Damian went over to the little neighbors house to wait for her to come out and play.


.. more shingles.


We needed some ambiance one of these fall days..


Tired daddy needed cuddles.


I think it was a Monday I went to Costco.. it was not a pleasant outing. I dry heaved over the toilet before we left and I didn’t even eat my whole pop tart(my breakfast of choice, until I got grossed out).

The kids loved all the Christmas displays.


We went to Target and I got the kids a hot chocolate to split. We walked around for 10 minutes before I decided, we needed to go. Momma was feeling SICK.


I picked up some Panda Express for Damian on the way home and the smell of the food immediately made me feel better. I ate some orange chicken while I was driving and I made it all the way home without incident.

A different day.. I went to the restroom and came back to Citlali screaming for help.


Danny went out on the lake with the cousins and some friends while Citlali and I stayed home and napped. We made cookies after.


When Danny got home, he built a playmobil castle for the kids that had just arrived earlier.


We went to the Farmer’s Market and this guy had a hawk.


The hare..


..and the tortoise.


Earlier this week Danny and his dad went to work on our friend’s roof.  We came over for lunch.


It took them 3 days.


We went to a birthday party. Train themed.


That is a great toddler tree.


All partied out, on our way home.


Yesterday, we went to our church to carve some pumpkins and make some pies.


Citlali pretty much walked around with her plate of popcorn, spilling it all over the place. Here is a little boy helping her put it all back on the plate. She was angry at him..  I think she thought he was trying to take it from her.


This morning Danny got up really early and tio Sam showed up to help him work on our front porch.


I could tell tio Sam was cold.. It was 39 degrees this morning.


I ran to the store to pick up some things for breakfast. I put on some cartoons for the kids while I worked in the kitchen.


tio Sam left for work and shortly after, tio Jack arrived to lend a hand.


Damian lined up all his little men.


..and tio Sam came back after work.


Look at that! 😀




The guys worked pretty much until the sun went down and stopped around 6 this evening.. I am LOVING the porch and I’m super excited to see it finished.. it’s almost there!

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