Thunderstorms & House Wrap

We’ve been pretty tired over here. Danny’s been working on the house and I’ve been taking care of the children. Haha.

We are so excited that Danny’s parents are here! We went over to dinner one night this week and then walked over to the park.


It is my new favorite park! It looks like a forest. It was pretty chilly so we bundled up the kids.


My phone died as soon as we got there so I borrowed Danny’s phone to take these blurry pictures, lol. He will tell you, well at least my phone didn’t die(he has a non-iphone).


Look how pretty. Tio Sam & tio Jack wandered off to play tennis. The court is behind all those trees.


It was forecast to thunderstorm and we stuck it out ’til the first drops of rain hit us. You could see they grey clouds coming with a fury.


It poured on us on the way back. We all got soaked. There was hail too, Holly and I were carrying our babies and we ducked for cover under a tree. Danny had Damian and he said he kept saying his head was getting wet, haha.


I took the kids shopping on Wednesday. We were at Ross and Citlali had a bomb in her diaper so I went to change it. Damian then pooped in the toilet! Wohoo!! First outing where he did that. Usually we’re not out long and he comes back with a dry diaper.


We went to Michael’s where I let the little ones run wild. Citlali has a thing with the shopping carts. She hates them. After the first store, she just won’t have it(unless it’s Costco). So I let her run around to get some crazies out. That didn’t work at TjMaxx. She refused to go in the cart and I didn’t want her running around in there. I took her & Damian back to the car and then we went to Costco.


Oh, Damian got a tool set for good potty training(that’s what he’s carrying around).


Danny and his dad were working on the gas heater and running the pipes out to it  yesterday.


Oh, and all the electrical too.


They also wrapped part of the house.


Today, they finished wrapping the house.


We have light! Danny and Jack out there.


Right after I snapped this pic, Jack: Don’t put that on your blog.


Flex! Hahaha.


The guys have been here since the afternoon. They have been helping Danny out a lot with the add-on and we are so grateful!  I was napping most of the time. 🙂

It’s hard not to be exhausted when your body is growing another little baby!


Expected end of May 2018.





One thought on “Thunderstorms & House Wrap

  1. congrats on the pregnancy , so happy to hear potty training is going well, and when it comes to the shopping cart, I always brought snacks in my purse for mine and it bought me about 3o minutes of shopping time with them munching on the treats as I shopped. 🙂


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