Hand, Foot, & …


The kid’s blisters have been clearing up.. at first they were super itchy.. here are some pics from end of last week:

They were super itchy so they went into an oatmeal bath.


So happy for bath time, they forget about the blisters.


Danny went down to pick up some windows for our add-on.


He had to return that one, it was too big.


My blistery babes watching daddy and tio Sam.


They are cutting down a tree trunk and roots.


The kids got blisters everywhere really and I put gloves and socks on them despite it being kind of warm. They loved it! They thought it was so much fun to have them on and didn’t scratch or complain about “owies”.


Here are some blisters on Lali’s hands..


She had some small ones on her face. Definitely had them inside her mouth.


The ones on her feet were covered.


Lali got it worse. She had it on her knees, elbow, on her genitals. A ton of them.


Damian is a picker. He still has one on his nostril and on his cheek. He tells himself, “no te rasques tu ouchie(don’t scratch your ouchie)”. LOL


I went shopping in CDA and Danny stayed home with the kids. He told me to take my time shopping and that they would be fine. I left around nap time and wasn’t home for dinner, so Danny biked them out.


He sent me this picture while I was out. He said moments later, Lali dropped her cone and was very sad.


On the Fourth, we went out to breakfast with Holly and the cousins. We were celebrating a birthday.


There’s nothing like free pie on your birthday. Sadly, I didn’t get any on my birthday because it fell on a Sunday and they close on Sundays. I’m not bitter.


Framing in the windows.


It has been very smoky here for quite a while. It looks like fog. This is a picture I took off some news page. It is a picture of cars on the long bridge.


The kids doting on Chapo. Citlali brought him all of her prized things. He could not be more annoyed. But at least he just sits there and takes it… for a little while.


That blanket is Citlali’s favorite. It is really soft. It’s her Pato(Damian’s favorite thing).


Watching the Magic School Bus.


Well, it was a weird virus. It’s like the Chicken Pox 2.0.

On a different not, Damian has been potty training for the last 4 days( I know, what took us so long). I was waiting until our addition was finished to start because our studio apartment/house can feel a bit stressful at times, I didn’t want to add another thing to my list of things to worry about(pee in random spots). It hit me when I went to the store to buy more diapers. We get a monthly delivery but it’s not quite enough, we always have to buy a small package in between. ANYWAYS.. I decided I was ready.. so we got home and I put Damian in his underwear(that he’s had for a while and loves to wear over his diaper, haha). He wet 9 chonies(underwear) that day, thankfully pooped in the toilet though! The second day he wet 7 chonies. Yesterday he wet 3 and pooped in one. This morning he wet none. Woohoo! Now I am afraid to leave the house because I don’t want him to pee in the car seat! I know there will be lots of accidents in our future but any ideas of how you took potty training to outside the home would be appreciated.

Happy Friday everyone! We have my in-laws coming into town this weekend and it’s… surreal & very exciting for them to be living near us! 🙂







One thought on “Hand, Foot, & …

  1. The hand foot and mouth virus is terrible all 3 of my children had it at least once. It is so miserable for them especially the mouth sores. My kids wouldn’t eat so our pediatrician suggested the “magic potion” 1/2 teaspoon childrens benadryl and 1/2 teaspoon of maalox , you mix it together and coat the inside of their mouths with it and it numbs and coats the sore . So usually gave it to them 30 minutes before it was time to eat. It truly is magic!! The potty training thing is a process. The most important tip I can give you is be consistant and don’t back up or you’ll have to start all over again. I used a sticker chart in the bathroom. Every time they woke up with dry pants they got a sticker on the board, every time they went potty they got a sticker on the board, and at the end of the week they got a prize for their stickers. So depending on their age determines the sticker prizes. For 10 stickers they got a small prize , for 20 stickers they got a medium prize and for 30 stickers they got a large prize…. large doesn’t have to mean more money it could be extra special mommy and son time exc…


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