Lake Life

Monday after naps, we went out to Round Lake! I made some sandwiches and we were off. We took the canoe and Danny and Mark just flopped it on top of the boat.


Lali and I rode on the boat.


The canoe is Damian’s favorite.


We ate around 5. Damian had a cherry gummy and he said, “mommy, es un cafe para ti(mommy, it’s a coffee for you)”. It looked like a tiny coffee mug.


Just playing with the seat.


Some panoramic shots I got.


We got home, put the kids down for bed, and headed out to hang out with Mark and Holly. We finally went to this drive through convenience store. Ever since we moved I wanted to go but never got around to it.


You drive through and the person working gets you whatever you want. You don’t have to get out! I’m going to be going more often. They mostly have beverages of all sorts. There’s also ice cream, dog food, random car things like oil..some snacks.


Tuesday morning we biked out to City Beach. Cheesy grins.


Danny towed our precious babies and I am so glad because I don’t bicycle a lot and it makes me kind of nervous. I don’t know how to turn. I know that sounds really dumb, but I can’t do a sharp turn. I need to practice.


There’s the gang.


It was a little hazy from the fires.


I didn’t bring the kids swim clothes because it was 10:30 in the morning and for some reason I didn’t think they’d be getting in the water..? Anyways, they went in with only their bottoms on. Their diapers filled up to capacity. We need to find a swim class for them.. Lali drank a lot of water and Damian went in further than he knew how to get back from. That little stinker, he thought it was so much fun to get in up to his chin.


The guys started playing a game. They were throwing the balls to the kids.


Time to head home for lunch!


We stopped at Danny’s work briefly. He had to run in for something.


After naps, Danny biked the kids over to City Beach and they got in the water again. I drove down after with extra clothes and snacks for volleyball. I usually don’t play, just watch the kids play in the sand. There are other mommies and kids too. Our very pregnant friend(40 weeks +) plays. Makes me feel like I should play.. haha. It hurts my arms though, so I don’t.


Pita Pit for dinner 🙂


We got a sweet new table from Mark & Holly. So we put our round table in the add-on.


I drew a nice flower on my chalkboard. Damian saw it and scribbled all over it. This is why my chalkboard is always blank. It used to say Summer.


Wednesday right before lunch, Damian started feeling yucky. I could tell his body was achy because he didn’t want to move and he cried when he did. Citlali wasn’t feeling bad(yet), but she threw some pillows on our bed so she could lay next to him.


101.3 fever after naps. Sad little dude.


I told her not to give Chapo chips. She wasn’t happy about that.


Chapo likes to rub it in Kuma’s face that he gets to sit on the bed.


Yesterday morning, Citlali got the bug. She had a fever too. No energy, no appetite. I had a morning full of carrying them around, bringing water over to them, cuddles, and a lot of cartoons.


Damian’s fever broke early in the morning.


Lali’s fever lasted until dinner time.


Damian is feeling all better today, he has been eating and playing. Lali, not so much. They got the hand foot mouth virus. Lali has some blisters inside her mouth, some on the roof and some on the tongue. It is really sad, she tries to nurse and she starts crying and says, “boca(mouth)”. I haven’t noticed any on her hands or feet yet but I am anticipating them. We will see how they do in the next few days. I’m hoping Damian is over it completely, as he is chipper and seems fine, but who knows!

Happy Friday everyone! Please pray for my little sicklings! ❤

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