Our Cozy Shell

Everyone is tired Monday night, right before bed time(for the babies). Danny has been working every day from the time he gets up in the morning, comes in for lunch and stops at dinner time to come in for the night. They usually watch animal videos.


We have a fighter. She was really tired after a walk to the bakery yesterday morning. Someone threw a tantrum when we got there and we had to walk back without any macaroons. Sad momma, sad everybody. Oh well…


Woke up happy & ready to play.


This was taken from the backyard.


There’s Danny finishing up the top coverage.


We have full coverage!


front view.




We still have a wall open, insulation exposed. This used to be our exterior wall. Picture taken from what will be the bathroom.


This will be our back door.


I got an action shot, haha.


Last night, Danny went out to clean up the room and cover all his tools and materials. We were forecast to rain tomorrow, but it changed. It could still rain this weekend, who knows.

Doesn’t it look beautiful!??! I am sooooo excited. We are leaning towards having our bed up in the loft and have a separate living area here with maybe another couch and reading chair, bookshelves, kids play area?? I know it’s still just a shell but it already feels so cozy to me. I’m trying to convince Danny to build me a fake fireplace in here and he just looks at me, like.. “really?” hahaha. I know, I spend too much time on Pinterest.


Bam! that’s going to be my ship lap wall.


We had pancakes this morning. Why do my kids not like the good things in life?? Maybe because they raided my Oreo stash while I was in the bathroom and their tummies were full.. maybe?



Some words of wisdom this morning: Learn to live with the smell of pee, the laundry will never end(from pee), & hide your snacks from the night before from the kids.

That is all, happy Hump Day!!! 🙂 We are going to the fair and I am SUPER EXCITED!!


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