Clear Skies & Walls

When my babies play outside, Chapo always finds them. Chapo has been more of an outside cat these days. He will come inside mostly for water & then meow by the door when he wants to be let out. Something he should teach Kuma to do. She just stares at me.. like, “hey, look at me staring at you.. I need to poop.”


As you can see, the trusses are up!


The kids petting Chapo.


Little feet. ❤


Right before I cut his hair. It was starting to look like a helmet.


Chapo was about 6 inches further than Kuma’s leash would reach. He likes to annoy her, & he does it oh so well.


I think it was last Sunday, it rained! Woohooo! People here think I’m nuts for loving the rainy days. What can I say, they are my favorite. Well, second favorite now that I have snowy days to look forward to. Anyway, this is a picture on my way back from CDA(I needed more donuts) and the rain washed away all the smoke.


The kids like playing outside a lot these days.. which I need to monitor because of all the nails and sharp objects everywhere..


I need to get this picture framed.


Danny was putting some outer walls up.


There he is modifying our walls. He had add a little more wall since he fixed the trusses.


These kids love soup!


Our little bathroom window downstairs and our big loft window upstairs.


Danny was putting the roof boards on for a while.. all by himself, that’s a lot of hard work.



A nice side view of the loft/dormer.


I’d come outside and find Danny like this. He would tell me he was just thinking, trying to figure out how to do a certain part. 🙂


He was trying to figure out how to get this wall up.


I think they were all watching The Magic School Bus. My personal favorite.


Our windows arrived!


We had our friend’s come over to lend Danny a hand. The kids played, the mommies talked, & the men worked.


We went to our go-to for dinner. Pita Pit!


This was my pita. I know, it doesn’t look very exciting. It was turkey, ham, and prime rib. It wasn’t my favorite, I’ll stick with buffalo chicken next time.



She’s too cool for you.


Citlali LOVES brushing her teeth, she cries when we tell her we’re done. She really just likes to eat the toothpaste.


This is what I caught of the eclipse this morning. Don’t worry. I shot it with my front facing camera with my back towards the sun, I didn’t look up at it. It was so weird, everything was still bright outside but there was more of a shadow. I really noticed when the kitchen went dark. A little eerie.

I just realized in all the sun pics, there is a little tiny sun shadow?  where you can see the cresent. Look down, in this picture it’s green and in the greenhouse.


The kids playing this morning, during the eclipse. They had no clue.


Happy Monday everyone!

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