Cat Tales & Trusses

Two weeks ago, on 8/1 we got up early to go to Cat Tales. Chapo almost snuck away with us.


We had a rough start to the day.  Damian drank some water in the morning and immediately started vomiting. We went to grab some breakfast and got him an apple juice and a hashbrown. He started throwing up again in the car, water & bile. We stopped to gas up, and I cleaned Damian up and he drank his juice and ate his whole hashbrown and felt LOTS better.




Damian hopped out of the stroller and walked around.


The biggest tiger we have ever seen.


If you’re old enough and pay some money, you can feed them.


We saw a black bear.


His name was Oso.


The had a bunch of raccoons.


Lali gave one of these statues a kiss and then she said, “iss hot!”


We grabbed some lunch afterward.


I don’t remember what they were eating. I just know Danny was working on the project house and he didn’t make it home for dinner. I sent him this picture when he asked me how the kiddos were doing.


Can’t get enough donuts! We went again this past Monday 8/7


On the drive back I tried to snap some pictures of the smoke from the fires up in Canada. It is so hazy you can’t see the mountains. Air quality has been bad for the last week it seems, maybe a little longer. It’s way worse in CDA. Usually you can see the mountains in the background. You can kind of see the outline of them, if you squint hard enough.


Here’s another one. Those mountains look farther in the picture, I don’t know why. Anyway.. it’s been bad air quality so much so, staring out the window I can barely see the mountain out our kitchen window. It looks like a shadow.


Danny has been hard at work on our addition.


Starting to work on the loft.


I took this picture standing in what is going to be our walk in closet.


The trusses got delivered earlier this week.


There were too many electrical wires that he couldn’t place them on top of the walls as we would have liked. It would have been completely useless because as Danny would have discovered later, they were off by quite a bit.


So, this is the view of our loft. Under it is our closet and the furthest back is going to be our full bathroom en suite.


Top view of the loft.


The kids playing in the construction zone.




Lali pretending to take naps with her baby doll..


After a real nap she picks up all her “babies” that she can carry.


Danny got this really heavy truss up there all by himself. It is about four feet longer   than it’s supposed to be. The engineer made some adjustments and emailed them to him so it would pass code. So, he spent his time up on the loft and ladder making the adjustments. The walls are going to have to go up a bit more because of this, so Danny wasn’t too thrilled with all the extra work.



You can see where it’s supposed to sit nicely on top of the wall, but not after the adjustment.


That room is going to feel humongous, that truss is up really high up there.


I was talking to my mom a few days ago and she was saying how her cat was viciously playful and I told her it may be because she got her really young and it needed more time with it’s sibling to teach it manners. Anyway.. I remembered this tongue thing I saw on Shark Tank and sent her this picture. Totally joking by the way that she should get it for her cat. She said no. Hahaaha


Here are the guys this morning working away. Fixing all the trusses.



Hopefully, they get them up today. Which is not an easy job. Please be praying for their safety! I will update everyone on their progress and hard work! 🙂

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