We Have Walls!!!

Hi guys!

The same day Danny put in the insulation, the plywood floor was also installed.  The kids mistook the insulation for a solid floor and each fell through once. Luckily the insulation broke their fall!


Crawl space inside the closet.


On Saturday, Danny framed in almost all the walls.


I went out to the store while he was doing that and the kids were napping. I thought this sign was hilarious.


I got back from the store and one of Danny’s friends from work was there helping him lift those walls.


There’s the wall on the floor..


I helped Danny with this one..sort of.  It was HEAVY!! & I didn’t really help all that much.. he pretty much lifted it on his own.  Look at those big windows we’re going to have! I’m super excited about that.


After church on Sunday we walked over to a burger place.


After naps, we drove over to dog beach. We parked out by the gas station and walked over with our friends, their kids, and their dog.


We picked up some pizza and the kids hardly ate because they played in the water. They were hungry on the way back and finished their dinner snacked on pretzels.


This morning Lali was pretending to be asleep, haha.


Danny is out at the project house right now. We are going to have it listed pretty soon, I think.  I’m here with the little ones and they are just.. a lot of work. Having little children is just dealing with one disaster after another. They also just injure themselves a lot. Oh, and any time I sit down Lali runs over, gets really close to my face, and asks me for “leche(milk)” so that’s fun. I’m counting the minutes until bed time! 🙂

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