Project House & Foundation

We’ve been to the park a lot these past evenings. The kids have a lot of energy at bedtime still.


The guys did it! They pulled it off and finished pouring all the concrete. Danny took off the forms on Saturday..




Look at that strong hubby of mine!


While the guys were pouring the concrete until 12:30 in the morning, one of the forms holding the top together snapped and they started to expand & the guys quickly stopped it from being completely ruined. You can see where it is wider.


One of the hotter days here.



Danny and I went on a date to see the new Transformers movie. We thought it was pretty funny that the sign read, “Big Sick Spiderman”


After church, we went to Subway. Damian devoured his sandwich.


Lali wasn’t feeling well. She kept grabbing her tummy and saying, “ouchie”.. she didn’t eat.


Yesterday was “Ice Cream Day” or something dumb like that, so we walked downtown for ice cream. Chapo was about a block away from the house and met us on our way home.


He walked all the way home with us, haha.


This morning, Lali slept in until about 8:30..

IMG_1502 One of the clothes racks already fell over, so there’s piles of clothes on the couch. The other one, the one you see here, is leaning and will fall any day now. Who wants to start a poll of when that will be..?


We went to the store this evening because I needed cookies.


That is all! 😉

Danny has been working on our project house and I will post pictures soon. We are planning to get it on the market in the next two weeks! Danny is focusing on that while the foundation dries for our master bedroom. I’ll keep everyone posted! Have a great Monday!

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