Too Much Concrete

Sunday after church we went to a Burger joint that I really like because they have the best fry sauce. It is within really close walking distance which is great because it was kind of a toasty day & we have been walking to church every Sunday.


On one of our walks earlier this week.


We went to the “nice park” which we probably won’t frequent as often…


They had a sign in Spanish that made me giggle inside.


..this is the reason this park makes me uneasy. Look at how tall that slide is. That is a big drop. When I see my little baby on top of there it makes my heart sink. Especially when she peaks out around the corner.. that’s a big drop!


Damian was watching a little girl spin in this thing. As soon as she got off he hopped on and copied her and spun a few times.


Damian in tio Sam’s shoes. Please ignore the random dirty diapers spread about in the back.


Story time. 🙂


tio Sam doesn’t want any pictures taken, apparently.


on our walk to the post office..


the babies were a little tired and hungry. Some old lady was walking by us and asked if they were twins. I smiled and told her, no. She smiled back at me and said, “nice day for a walk” and she went on her way.


I told the kids to smile for this picture.


Danny working on the forms or whatever they’re called.


tio Sam is such a great helper.


The guys were working all day and I had such a long day with the kids too. I took them to the park to run up and down a hill to tire them out.



Flower picking is a must.


Lali would be on that swing all day.


So here are the finished whatever they’re called.


BOOM! It passed inspection!


A plane flew by while I was taking pictures.


I went to Walmart with the kids yesterday(Wednesday). Damian made a tower of groceries.


Danny went into work and when he came home for lunch, Lali gave him lots of love.


We had taquitos for dinner and Lali ate sour cream with her hands.


Today, Danny decided to pour concrete. He was been working hard ALL DAY! I was secretly taking pictures of him. Tio Sam had to go into work so he couldn’t help him. Danny started at about noon.


I tried to help but 80 pounds of concrete bags are.. well.. 80 pounds of concrete. I hugged one, ready to lift and Danny stopped me and told me not to help. So, I brought him ice cold water every once in a while. It is 8:45PM and he didn’t quite fill up half the structure. Tio Sam got here around 8 and they both booked it over to Home Depot to get more concrete. They are ready to finish it up, and work into the night. I’ll keep you guys posted, I’m sure it will be done tomorrow!

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