Fishing, Circus, & The Park

The night of my last post my boys went out fishing.

6-12-17 010

They caught some fish!

6-12-17 0116-12-17 008

They walked through the door and right away I asked Danny, “was Damian excited?!” .. of course he was excited!

6-12-17 0026-12-17 0046-12-17 0056-12-17 0036-12-17 007

The next morning, the kiddos and I headed out to CDA. We needed some things from Costco. We usually go  straight there, but this time we went to Target first.. walked around.. looked at everything, haha. At a random moment when we were at Target, Damian looked up at me and asked, “vamos a comer Panda???”(are we going to eat Panda?). He remembered that we had eaten it last time we went to Target and Costco. Anyway, when we finally made it over to Costco, all the sample people were out. Usually, we are there too early to get any. SCORE.

Damian kept pointing me where to go to get the samples.

6-12-17 013

Hash browns. Taquitos. Flautas. Ravioli. More Flautas.  Great Appetizers.

6-12-17 012

Then we headed to Panda Express.

6-12-17 0236-12-17 024

Orange Chicken, broccoli beef, chow mein(or spaghetti, as Damian calls it).

6-12-17 0156-12-17 018

She’s a crazy little goof ball.

6-12-17 0256-12-17 0226-12-17 019

Damian kept eating and eating. Sooo unlike him. I kept asking him, “Damian, ya acabaste, ya nos vamos?(Damian are you finsihed, shall we go?)”. He would respond, “no mommy, estoy comiendo(no mommy, I’m eating).

6-12-17 026

Finally, I had to stop him and told him it was his last bite. Haha, I thought he was going to barf if he stuffed his little belly any more.

6-12-17 029

Like last time, Citlali hardly ate at all. She is not a fan. Just like her daddy, haha. Next time we make a Costco run and stop here I am going to pack her a sandwich. Or explore the menu a bit more.

6-12-17 016

We went to another store after lunch and then started to make our way home. Damian fell asleep, so I decided to take my time. I stopped to get a doughnut and some iced coffee.

6-12-17 0326-12-17 033

We got home and jumped in the stroller to go for a walk. I took my goodies.

Damian always asks me where the cat is when we get to this house. There it is on the fence.

6-12-17 035

They love to wave and say bye to it when they catch him.

6-12-17 0366-12-17 041

We stopped at the park!

6-12-17 0476-12-17 0436-12-17 044

Damian likes to wait for Lali to go down the slide together. He says, “come on baby!”

6-12-17 0456-12-17 059

Guard our stuff, Kuma.

6-12-17 0496-12-17 051

Another day on our walk. A lot of people have bowls out for doggies. This was outside a cafe.

6-12-17 052

Windy day.

6-12-17 0566-12-17 057

Danny shot a bear that was hanging around a friend’s property. There were two bears just spreading trash around and hanging out on their porch, pushing their dog around and eating it’s food.

6-12-17 067

Danny got Damian an early birthday present. I was thinking about getting him a bike, but I guess this works too.. haha.

6-12-17 0756-12-17 0746-12-17 076

He was teaching him how to hold it.. and telling him it wasn’t a toy.

6-12-17 0786-12-17 079

We went out to breakfast Saturday morning. Damian is drinking cream, yet again.

6-12-17 0816-12-17 0836-12-17 080

Sunday, we went to the Circus!!! I had never been to the Circus before. It was so much fun.

6-12-17 0886-12-17 0966-12-17 1026-12-17 103


6-12-17 089


6-12-17 091

6-12-17 100

Monday, it was pretty hot. I didn’t notice until I came outside and sat there watching the kids for a while. It was about 79 degrees. I know that doesn’t sound very hot, but the sun is intense up here. It was hot enough for them to swim in that chilly hose water(it warmed up for a couple of hours during their nap).

6-12-17 1176-12-17 119

Their friend came over from next door. Damian looooves playing with her.

6-12-17 1206-12-17 121

After a while, Damian started shivering. Haha.. I was like, but it’s kind of hot out. There was a bit of a breeze here and there.. maybe that’s why. I asked him if he wanted to come out and he kept telling me, “no mommy”.

6-12-17 122

The next day was overcast and coat weather again.

Damian went on the potty all by himself. I asked him if he had a poopy diaper and he said, “no mommy” and ran to the toilet undressing himself on the way. He sat on that toilet for a good 15 minutes. I asked him if he wanted help getting off and he would reply to me, “no mommy, estoy haciendo poopies(no mommy, I’m making poopies)” *insert grunting noises*

6-12-17 123

After a successful potty training morning we walked over to our friend’s house.

6-12-17 124

Jumped on the trampoline.

6-12-17 125

Walked over to get Damian a treat for going in the potty and walked over to the Post Office to drop off a package.

6-12-17 127

After naps and for dinner, we walked into town again for some Pita Pit. It’s like Subway, but with Pitas. Oh, and they also don’t have a toaster, they have a grill.

6-12-17 1296-12-17 132

I think I walked about 5-6 miles that day. Crazy.

We are cuddled in today, it is 58 & cloudy with a chance of rain later. We baked cookies, and stayed inside. I can hear my little ones just getting up from their naps. It’s going to be a good day today.. I love all this random rain. Happy almost Friday everyone!


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