Lots Of Walking

These are probably a bit out of order, but here goes.

Danny took Damian out on the Lake. He got really sunburned on his legs and Damian just got a couple of shades darker.

camping lake 031camping lake 030camping lake 025camping lake 032

We got a puppy! 🙂 The kids like to play in her crate.

akita 002

Nonnie and Papa came to visit! We went to the “Lost in the 50’s” parade.

more 010more 009

We went to our friend’s house so our dog, Kuma could run around with their dog Ridge.

more 007

On a sunny day, Lali wore her romper.

more 025

Citlali gets upset when we can’t get out the door fast enough.

more 028

We went to Home Depot.

more 031

Our daily walk..

more 024

Damian made me stop so he could pick some dandelions for all of us. ❤

more 033more 035more 034

We stopped to watch this truck dump some cement for a new sidewalk.

more 038

The kids helped me water our garden.

more 043

We went out for ice cream with some friends.

june3 005june3 006

june3 002

We walked to City beach which was about a quarter mile(maybe less) from the ice cream shop so the kids could play at the playground.

june3 007june3 007

More Home Depot runs.

june3 012

Daddy’s sweet little helpers.

june3 013

That’s the one I wanted too, haha.

june3 014june3 015

My one and only picture from the Farmer’s Market last week. Okay guys, I have come to a point in my life where I’m obsessed with the Farmer’s Market. I don’t know why. We usually walk there and they have some live music.. folksy, you know. Everyone brings their dogs, people sit on the grass to listen to the music, and the kids run around. Sometimes I buy some pastries. Haha, I guess we don’t buy any of the things.. but I like to look at everything.

june3 018

Our friends invited us on to their reaaaally, reaaaally nice boat. We went after the Farmer’s Market. Sadly, this is the only picture we got of that.

june3 019

Danny took Damian out fishing and I took Lali out on a McDs date.

june3 028

…aaand some shopping.

june3 029

Ohhh.. we got a new stroller. I sold our other one and this one is really nice. It folds down nicely and fits in the car, and it fits through doorways! The other one did not. We walked to the grocery store.

june3 032

Of course the kids rode the bus while I went in to get what we needed.

june3 031

I saw this! Haha..

june3 017

Another walk..

june3 035

There’s our puppy..

june3 036june3 052

We went to the park so the kids could get some of their crazies out..

june3 043june3 047june3 041june3 042june3 045june3 051

Danny brought me a cake pop one day and Kuma was eyeing it. Kuma is mixed Akita and Chow. She is the best puppy. She is not hyper and she listens really well. She is also very protective of us, right off the bat. Not 24 hours after we got her she was barking at the neighbor that came over to say hi to us. She is about 4 & 1/2 months old.

june3 039

I went for some early morning runs a couple of days this week. One of the days, I walked in to Damian sitting at the table. He had the margarita mix out, lol.

june3 055

We walked out to dinner Friday night. The kids already had dinner but Danny and I hadn’t. They got pizza fries to fill up their tummies some more.

june3 059

Saturday morning, Danny walked out to one of our favorite restaurants with the kids. He let me sleep in, and I woke up to them walking in with breakfast burritos. We ate and then went outside.

june3 064

We have these new flowers growing.

june3 065june3 067june3 064june3 068

Danny cleaned up our back yard really nice. He took out a bunch of baby plum trees.

june3 072

You see all those little shrubs. ALL PLUM TREES.

june3 069june3 074june3 073june3 070june3 075june3 076

Helping away.

june3 077june3 078

THEN! You guessed it, we went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday.

june3 080

The kids danced around.

june3 079

I had never noticed this bench before.

june3 086june3 084june3 085june3 083

There you go.

june3 087

Oh, and last but not least, we saw a centipede attacking a worm on one of our walks.

june3 088

Happy Sunday!




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