Farmer’s Market & Camping

So it’s been a while.. but we have been busy busy busy..

We went out to breakfast before we hit the Farmer’s on opening day. About 3 weeks ago.

5-11-17 0065-11-17 0035-11-17 014

It was still kind of gloomy and rainy.

5-11-17 009

Live music..

5-11-17 0105-11-17 0085-11-17 011

red kale?

5-11-17 012

We walked to church.

5-11-17 0155-11-17 016

After the service, they gave out cookies.

5-11-17 017

Our friends had walked to church too, so we had some good company on the way back. ūüôā

5-11-17 0185-11-17 019

Then, the kids ran around picking dandelions.

5-11-17 0215-11-17 020

So. many. dandelions.

5-11-17 022

On our drive out to our campground.. mudslide.

5-11-17 023

Views for days.

5-11-17 0275-11-17 026

We arrived at Robinson Lake Campground. Turns out, it was before the season actually started so we got in for free.

5-11-17 0305-11-17 029

Danny traded his 12 ft boat for a 14 ft one.

5-11-17 0285-11-17 034

We hiked around the lake.

5-11-17 0435-11-17 0385-11-17 0375-11-17 042

The kids picked out the M&M’s from the trail mix bag.

5-11-17 0475-11-17 031

More hiking.

5-11-17 0415-11-17 0405-11-17 039

Boat time.

5-11-17 0455-11-17 0465-11-17 0445-11-17 035

The kids ran around to their heart’s content.

5-11-17 0505-11-17 0555-11-17 0565-11-17 0535-11-17 0545-11-17 0585-11-17 0575-11-17 0605-11-17 065

5-11-17 0645-11-17 062

More lake pictures. Lali was crazy on the boat. She wanted to jump overboard, I think.

5-11-17 0665-11-17 069

Then the ladies hopped off. The boys went off to do some fishing..

5-11-17 070


5-11-17 071

Some exploring before bedtime.

camping lake 034camping lake 033camping lake 034camping lake 035

Camping with kids was fun until bedtime rolled around. It was low 40’s and we felt it. It took the kids about 2 hours to settle down and go to sleep. Lali slept sandwiched in between Danny and me and Damian in a sleeping bag all by himself. I got about 3 hours of sleep probably, haha.

We were exhausted after we came back home. It took me like 2 days to recover. I think I was dehydrated.

Anyway. Here are the pictures of our project house. Danny is going to write what is going on.

They are backfilling the trench for the water and electrical lines from the pump to the house.  The excavator will be finishing that grade so it will be a little smoother and better walkway from the back of the house.

camping lake 027

This is where they intercepted the electrical lines to hook up the new meter pedestal.  The water lines are buried in the same trench, just a little deeper.  Hopefully the hot tub is in good working order when all is said and done!

camping lake 029camping lake 028

We are just waiting on the utility company to get the electricity hooked up.


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