Parties and Planes

So, these were from our walk yesterday. The sunny day.. haha. Tank tops, and shorts.

5-4-17 003

The sun is strong up here. I put some shades and hats on my little people.

5-4-17 004

Tan those legs!

5-4-17 0055-4-17 006

We got home and watered our grass, dirt, and tree.

5-4-17 0085-4-17 007

Uhmm.. we need to put that sled away.. haha.

5-4-17 0095-4-17 011

She climbed in for that apple.

5-4-17 010

Danny had the awesome chance to ride on a plane with one of his friends.


plane 037plane 036plane 040plane 032plane 039plane 031plane 038plane 035plane 027plane 034plane 033plane 028

They flew to Electric City and landed in the Grand Coulee Airstrip.

plane 026

Today, we went out and about all morning. First stop, Goodwill. We needed some more books.

plane 001

Every time I stopped to look at something, Damian would plop down and open his book.

plane 004plane 002

We went to the bridge to shop for presents. The bridge is really neat. It has a bunch of little shops inside. We came here before, they have a little kids play area in it. There is also a cute little cafe type restaurant that serves coffee, sandwiches, gelato, pizza, wine, and beer. It has an upstairs that we have yet to explore too.

plane 008plane 007

I thought this light was really creative.

plane 005

They also have a sushi restaurant.

plane 006plane 009plane 010plane 019plane 013

Damian LOVE, LOVE, LOVES that boat. He’s boat, lake, and fishing crazy.. just like his daddy. πŸ˜‰

plane 014plane 018

Our view. The place was empty. We had it all to ourselves, and loving it. We can play there with a .75 cent donation. I didn’t have my wallet, just my debit card on me. I’ll put in 2 dollars next time we go.. πŸ˜‰

plane 012plane 015plane 016plane 021plane 011plane 017

There is a display of carousel horses in there.

plane 024plane 023

I liked this clock, a lot. It was pretty humongous though.

plane 025

Our friend’s sweet little baby girl turned ONE today. We went over to celebrate with her. The only reason I remember our Idahoversary is because our friend was in labor and had her baby the same day. Our first night was technically yesterday, I guess.

CincoDeMayo 004

Citlali was playing the piano and she saw her reflection. She said “hi” to herself.

CincoDeMayo 002

It was pretty funny. πŸ™‚

CincoDeMayo 003

❀ ❀ ❀

Danny is taking some days off from work, we might go adventuring. I will post pictures of our project house next time.

Happy Friday!


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