First Idahoversary Eve

Monday we hit the store, of course we had to stop by the bus ride.

5-317 0355-317 036

We took a walk into town for dinner Tuesday.

5-317 039

A lot of people have their flowers planted.

5-317 0405-317 0375-317 038

We ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was okay.

5-317 041

Then we walked to get the best ice cream in town. So yummy. I got my own cone and Danny got a single scoop to share with the kiddos.

5-317 0445-317 045

5-317 0495-317 050

I gave her some of mine.

5-317 0465-317 0475-317 048

5-317 0515-317 052

Get in, we’re going home!

5-317 0545-317 055

5-317 053

5-317 056

5-317 042

Someone wouldn’t stop standing up..

5-317 057

Then we let them get out and walk a few blocks from home.

5-317 058

Morning shenanigans..

5-317 063

Out for a walk right before lunch Wednesday morning.

5-317 061

Everyone has been waiting for today.  The weather people have been talking about it non-stop. It was forecast to be 75 and sunny.

We came out to play. It was still a little chilly around 10AM.

sun day thursday 001

Damian was being a sweetheart and ran over to pick some dandelions and said they were for me. ❤

sun day thursday 002sun day thursday 003sun day thursday 004

Then he yelled, “esta es pa’ Ciclaya!!! (This one is for Citlali!!!)”. He doesn’t quite say her name right.. or his lol.

sun day thursday 005

Then we ran inside and got her out of her crib. She didn’t nap this morning.

sun day thursday 007

Damian took off his helmet and then Lali found it and asked for me to put it on, so I did.

sun day thursday 008sun day thursday 006

We went over next door to play with a sweet little neighbor girl that is almost a year older than Damian. She shared her toys with us and Damian let her play with his tricycle. All was fun and games until Lali wanted to play with something and Damian took it from her. There was a full on tantrum. She threw herself on their driveway and kicked her feet all about, and swung her arms in anger. We came inside, haha. Nothing like that to make you realize that you need to pay more attention to your child’s heart. I am thankful for that tantrum.

It is one whole year we have been here tomorrow. I was talking to my mom on the phone today and told her and she couldn’t believe it. She said, “it seems as if it was just yesterday you left, how fast time passes by.” It is hard, I miss her a lot. Summer will be interesting this second time around, I felt hot today on our walk. We also currently have the fan on because it feels stuffy inside. Goodnight and Happy Idahoversary Eve to us!

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