Weekend Activities

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

On Friday 4/28, I was all ready to go to CDA. I got the kids ready and packed all their stuff. I went to turn on the car and it was dead. It sounded like the battery was dead and then it started making some other noises, so I was stranded. Danny went to get the battery checked and all that fun stuff. He fixed it, and it runs now 🙂

round lake 007

The kids played in the dirt while he worked on the car.

round lake 005

They were looking for worms.

round lake 006round lake 008

Their favorite new game: gather all the pillows and some blankets and pretend to go to sleep in random parts of the house.

round lake 002

Round Lake. Danny took Damian on Saturday morning.

round lake 038

We went back with friends Sunday after naps. We took the canoe and the boat without the motor. Damian was riding in the canoe with our friends rowing. The mamas and little girls were on the boat with Danny.

round lake 025round lake 027

The guys rowed us out to the opposite side and we ate our lunch overlooking the lake.

round lake 029round lake 033round lake 032round lake 031round lake 037round lake 030

We went to get some ice cream afterwards.

round lake 018round lake 016round lake 014

Lali was going crazy for the ice cream.

round lake 012

Today’s shenanigans. The sun shone in the morning and we took advantage of the dry weather and went for a walk. We did a 1.86 mile loop and the kids were so excited. Lali ran out the door and was eager for me to put her in the stroller.

round lake 040

We got back and the kids watered the dirt. It is their absolute favorite thing to do. I was planting some tomatoes and they kept coming over with their empty watering cans asking for refills. They are such sweet little helpers. It got gloomy after a while and I brought them inside.

round lake 041

We are going to get all of our plants in there, eventually. It is supposed to be 74 degrees on Thursday. Whaaaat?? It is so strange that it still feels like Winter. Our big tree out front is starting to bud, it looks so pretty. Can’t wait for all the flowers to start blooming.

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