April Showers

Hey everyone! It is the last day of April and we have had quite a week. Here are some pictures of last Sunday. Danny made a fire and the kids ate outside and got all dirty. Definitely dreaming of a mud room.

4-2817 0014-2817 0024-2817 0034-2817 0044-2817 0084-2817 0094-2817 010

Found some cute little kid chairs at Wal-Mart for about 6 bucks.

4-2817 0134-2817 011

I love taking pictures of the kids when they’re asleep. She was hugging her kitty.

4-2817 014

I don’t know what the issue was here.

4-2817 015

4-2817 016

We went out for a quick little walk. Just under a mile and a half before Danny got home from work.

4-2817 019

It was sprinkling some and then it started pouring about 4 blocks from home. I got drenched.

4-2817 020

4-2817 021

We came home to warm soup. There was an unfortunate incident with my salt. Damian tried to use the grinder and twisted off the top instead. Oops.

4-2817 022

Oh, random picture of when Danny went fishing with Damian.

4-2817 0244-2817 025

Driving around town.

4-2817 029

The kiddos enjoying some playtime outside.

4-2817 033

About three days out of the week it poured really hard between 4-6pm. It comes and pours for a little while and then it clears up. The day after my first walk I almost went out and then decided against it. Good thing, it started raining really hard and then hailing. That’s hail on the trailer. Oh, and there was thunder and lightning too this week. Very neat.

4-2817 041

The kids helped me garden some more.

4-2817 0364-2817 0344-2817 0374-2817 0354-2817 038

There was a gas leak and the police came and blocked off the street next to us for about an hour.

4-2817 039

We have just come back from a very nice evening with friends. We went out to Round Lake and took out our boat and canoe. We went for ice cream with the kiddos after. I have some good pictures, I will post them tomorrow! 🙂

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