Gardening & Vocabulary

Soooo, we got a new car seat for Damian and the box is all they could play with for 2 weeks. I was finally tired of it taking up the whole living room and cut it up into little pieces and threw it in the recycling bin.


They are putting in a new light downtown!


This weekend we worked on our garden. Danny did all the heavy lifting. I supervised..


Tiny rakes..


& tiny shovels..


We saw a gigantic worm. We also saw a centipede and a rollie pollie..


Bye, gusano(worm)..


Two planes flying together..


We went out to lunch with some friends on Saturday.


She’s a dipper.


Danny took Damian out on the boat soon after. The girls went home and took a glorious afternoon nap.

boat and things 001

They went out to a little island.

boat and things 004

Caught one! Danny said it was a four pound-er. He said Damian was distracted eating trail mix when he told him to run over with the net.

Catch and release.

boat and things 003

He shadowed Danny with the net the whole time after that. Ready, just waiting.

boat and things 002

All the Canadian geese had their nests there, they are just a few weeks from hatching. Last year, in early May they were all out at City Beach with their furry goslings. Danny said they all flew away and were squawking at them from afar.


After church we went out to eat some pizza.

boat and things 012

I drew a cat for her 🙂

boat and things 011

Lali is talking a lot these days and can put together words with different sounds.

This is her vocabulary:

  • “gaga”=gato –> cat
  • “mano” –> hand
  • “Chaco” –> Chapo
  • “Mamma”
  • “Papa”
  • “gayo”=caballo –> horse
  • “ava”=agua –> water
  • “purdu”=perro –> dog
  • “uno” –> one
  • “pato” –> duck or  “pato”=zapato–> shoe
  • “oso” –> bear
  • “ouch”
  • “baila” –> dance
  • “eche” –> milk

That’s quite a few that I can think of off the top of my head. She is quite the talker. Soooo different than Damian, in so many ways at this age. Little girls are sassy, talking, balls of personality.

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