Spring Fever!

Okay, so it has been way too long. I have to be better about posting because I am losing track of my pictures and what days I took them & etc. I love to blog, it just seems that this uploading pictures business isn’t as easy as it sounds. All the time.  Anyyyywaaaaay….. 🙂 here are all my out of order pictures since who knows how long ago.. 😉

Here Damian is trying on a hat at Ross..

april7 032

Damian really wanted to sit in the stroller and Lali wanted to push him.. soo…I let her.

april7 031

I made a new door wreath.

april7 030

Lali’s favorite spot. Getting up on the table and looking out the window.

april7 029

We were going to the store and I turned on the car and started getting all the things inside. I have to say, I LOVE the rain. It is my favorite. It has only been as of recently that I have started to mind it. The only time I do, is when I have to go somewhere with the kids. Its only because I run them out one by one and then take them out, put their coats on, go to the store, and then take their coats off, put them back in the car to come back home. We don’t do umbrellas because I only have two hands.

april7 028

Lali cried when I went out to turn on the car and load up the diaper bag.

april7 027april7 026

Damian pushing Lali super fast, as you can tell.

april7 025

Lali plopped down on the floor to play with the toys.

april7 023

Dinner time!

april7 021

I found a recipe on Pinterest for a really yummy looking casserole. I had everything on hand so I went for it. Chicken, cream of chicken soup(made from scratch), broccoli, rice, cheese, breadcrumbs, butter.. yum.

april7 020april7 019

The first time I have noticed the street sweeper come by. It came by to sweep twice on each side this day.

april7 018april7 017

When Danny picked us up from the airport, it was pouring rain and a rock flew towards our windshield cracked it. It had tripled in size since then.

april7 013april7 014

Another grocery store bus ride.

april7 015

The people in our bible study bought a couple of cows. I told Damian we were going to go see the cows and he grabbed his cowboy hat. Our friends swapped him hats and he ran around with it for a while.

april7 012

april7 011

Daddy in the middle of tax season. Enjoying some crazy little people at lunch.

april7 010

Lali likes to stick out her finger so someone touches it. She thinks it funny. It’s hilarious to her when she fakes you out and pulls her finger back.

april7 009

Oh my goodness. Damian placed his horses in front of his trucks and called them “carretas(carriages)”.

april7 007

Little fatty thighs.

april7 006april7 005

Her favorite, “lift the flap” books.

april7 004april7 003

Danny took Damian on a boat ride one weekend morning. It was too cold for momma.

4-1717 053IMG_0159

Castle view.4-1717 057IMG_01644-1717 060IMG_0166 (1)

Who even lives here???

IMG_0167 (2)4-1717 055

I remember this was a Monday. I told her, ” I know baby, I don’t like Mondays either.”


I was tired and sleepy and not quite awake yet. Then, something wonderful happened. It started SNOWING!! Gigantic flakes of beautiful snow. I was giddy. It completely woke me up and lifted my spirits. It kept snowing for a while, none of that snow/slush/rain. I started making cinnamon rolls lol.

IMG_01864-1717 087

Such a nice surprise. I think it was last Monday. It even stuck a little.

4-1717 084

Then the next day it was all sunshine.

4-1717 1034-1717 1004-1717 0974-1717 092

We had a campfire and ate chimichangas outside. Then the kids played in the dirt.


Damian does this sometimes…

4-1717 107

Caught you!

4-1717 108

I laid down for a bit on the floor and Damian plopped the chair cushion on top of me and said it was the horse saddle.

4-1717 104

We were going to go out with Danny when he got home from work and I told the kids we were waiting for daddy to get home before we left. They climbed on to the table to look out for when he got home.

4-1717 1184-1717 116

Danny got a good deal on a little swing set.

4-1717 1204-1717 121

Easter. Our friends invited us over for lunch and an egg hunt with their family. Danny had to work, but he met us there.

4-1717 1254-1717 1264-1717 1274-1717 128

Our friends watched the kids and Danny took me out for a birthday dinner. We had the whole place to ourselves. I guess that was the good thing about having a birthday that landed on a holiday.

4-1717 1304-1717 132

I had an amazing view 😉 . It is a floating restaurant on a pier.

4-1717 131IMG_0181IMG_0155

Today we went out to our project house, looked at another potential project house, took naps. We woke up and Danny was already working on the garden. We all went outside to help. It was such a nice day. Danny chopped up a tree and then made a fire in our backyard and read for a while. So glad it’s only Friday night and the weekend has just begun! Happy Friday!! 🙂

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