Target & Spokane

The day of our friend’s gender reveal party. I had my phone at 100% charge and took it out to snap some pictures of the kids and it took one and died. Everyone was cracking up at Citlali on the hill. She was in the downward dog position and couldn’t get out of it because she was facing downhill. Too bad we didn’t get it on tape, we would have won the  America’s Funniest Home Videos cash prize, haha.

more pictures 339

That night, one of the baby moose came to our house to eat off of our trees. We had just finished dinner and Danny headed to the living room and looked out the window as it strolled by. We all ran to see it and then headed to the kids room to look out their window.

more pictures 342

Monday morning we ate some bacon and rice with eggs for breakfast. An apple too. Damian looooooooves bacon. I guess he’s normal. 😉

more pictures 343more pictures 344

We headed to Target. When Danny got home he saw all the Target bags and he asked me why I went, I told him Citlali had pooped really early and I took it as a sign, haha. It’s one less poopy diaper I have to change while we’re out and about. It was also nice and sunny out, so that was also a sign 😉

more pictures 345

We love their dollar spot($1, $3,$5 spot). I got some plants for the kids to grow. They have watermelon, cucumbers, organic tomatoes, and sunflowers that come in starter growers for $1. The kids are going to have fun with those. I got them little watering cans too, we’re going to try to grow a garden this year.

more pictures 346

The sky is so blue!

more pictures 347more pictures 348

We got back to a park date with a bunch of mommies and their kiddos.

more pictures 349more pictures 350more pictures 351more pictures 352more pictures 353more pictures 354


more pictures 355

She’s given up.

more pictures 356more pictures 357

“hey what’s goin’ on over there…”

more pictures 358

They saw something.

more pictures 359

He pushed her for a little while..

more pictures 360more pictures 361

Dinner time, he said his green beans were snakes.

more pictures 365more pictures 366

Sibling love.

more pictures 363

Danny said Damian woke up in the middle of the night and went out to the living room and turned on all the lights. He slept in on Tuesday morning, it was past 8 o’clock, a rare occurrence.

more pictures 368

I took a quick shower, like a five-minute one and practically ran out of the bathroom to check on the babies. I panicked when I didn’t see Lali…

..there she is. In the middle of all the mess. I put some cartoons on so that they wouldn’t get into too much trouble.

more pictures 370

We had a day planned out to meet some friends out in CDA. We went to eat some donuts and then headed to the Spokane Mall.

more pictures 371

The kids got to build a bear horse and cat.

spokane 002spokane 003

more pictures 377more pictures 381more pictures 378more pictures 379

Damian wanted to ride these weird things so badly. Maybe if daddy heads out with us sometime. Fat chance! ..haha.

more pictures 380

They ran around in a little play area.

more pictures 386more pictures 387more pictures 388

We stayed pretty late. The kids fell asleep in the car the whole drive home. I think we need a day in our pajamas to relax, bake some goodies, and get back on our schedules. Back to back out-of-town days drain the mommy and children. Just kidding, the children never tire. 😉

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