All The Snow Is Gone

Okay, maybe not aaall the snow.. There are still some piles in the parking lots and little piles on some lawns, but for the most part it is gone.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

We went out to breakfast the day after we got back from Cali..



We ran an errand in CDA and got some breakfast at McDs..


Chapo puked on the carpet. He ate the tip of a nerf bullet.. I know this because he threw up a few more times and wasn’t eating. He was throwing up bile and then the little orange piece came out and he was all better. He hasn’t learned his lesson though.. He has been trying to chew the kid’s silicone off their water bottles. Who wants a cat? ..I’m just kidding…


Daddy does story time..


Sweet Lulu bear ❤


This last Monday it was such a beautiful day, when Danny got home we walked downtown for dinner. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. The kids had their sweaters and big coats on and a blanket to cover them. Plus, the stroller has a shield but we didn’t really need it until we headed back.


People see that the sun is out and they get out and do stuff. I remember earlier this day I saw a bunch of people walk by the house with their pets and their kids.. I saw a dude in shorts even, lol. Usually, you see the regular dog people doing their daily thing but a beautiful day is cause for adventure out here.


We picked a sweet little Italian place that we hadn’t tried out before. It was not very busy, but the people were so nice and they gave us a lot of bread. The food was really good too.


Eating bread with a fork..


Daddy’s a horse!


One morning when I was working on breakfast the kids took down Nonie and Papa’s Christmas Card off the fridge..


Lali is fearless, until she has to get down..


Damian likes to scalp all his little Playmobil men. I find their hair everywhere..under the couch.. in the carpet(it’s deep!)..


Damian has had a growth spurt. He shot up so fast I thought I accidentally shrunk his clothes. 😥 I have been having a really hard time with it. I switched out all his clothes yesterday.. He was left with just his button up church shirts and sweaters. I need to go shopping for him. Look at his shirt, his midriff is practically showing!


I finally made some Pan Dulce. YUM.


What momma, I’m just laying here reading..


Another sunny day! We took a stroll after lunch..


We walked about 5 blocks and then came back for naps. Lai walked the whole way 🙂 She refused to be carried.


Our friends had us over for dinner.. they have booby traps. She didn’t make a peep. Their son came over and let us know. I was laughing so hard.. ..eventually we got her out of there.


We always end up at the grocery store when it is raining. I guess the odds are pretty good that that will happen, haha.


No one can lay down around here because little children WILL come and climb on top of you.

IMG_9951 (1)

The kids got a new dresser. I went yesterday to buy some clothes for Lali bear at this really cute kids thrift shop; they also have a lot of shabby chic furniture and home decor. It’s like traveling through a real life Pinterest board.


We have a new project! 🙂 Yesterday we got the keys and I was finally able to see the inside of the house.


We explored the outside too. Lots of moose and deer tracks out there. It has a nice little creek running thought it and a lot of giant trees.


I am already searching Pinterest for ideas. It has great bones, and lots of cosmetic work. Oh yea, it also needs a well and electricity. Haha..

Anywaaaaayyy… it is another beautiful Sunday and I’m sitting on the couch with the sun shinning on my leg(it’s really warm) and looking out the kitchen window at the grey cloud over the mountain. The rain is coming folks. We are heading out to a gender reveal party for our friends soon and  I think we are going to get wet.

Tootles for now! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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