Cali Vacation Part 2

Okay guys.. random baby picture of me. My mom said I was 3-4 months. No resemblance to my children lol..


This night Damian was saying bye to Papa Cuque because we were heading to Nonie and Papa’s for dinner. My dad swooped him up and gave him a ride.


Grainy smile.. what could I do.. the sunset does that..


kisses for Nonie 🙂


I was off chasing Lali around in the quiet room at church. Damian fell asleep on Papa. He’s got the magic touch.


After church picnic. Damian was helping uncle Pete with his water.


He found someone else’s tiny chair and sat on it.


Wiped out for nap time.


Pan dulce! Yummy yummy.. I want some right now. I have been looking up my favorite kind of Mexican sweet bread recipe on Pinterest. I have googled it and there doesn’t seem to be anyone selling any around here.. so sad.


We went shopping..


My dad has his saddles around the house and Damian took one off the stool and hopped on.


We went to Ihop! 🙂 It was free pancake day.


She’s a cream lover too..


My dad pulled Damian around on this little rocking horse. It was hilarious.


Danny surprised me and had roses delivered to my parent’s house. 🙂 ❤ It sure made my day. They stayed that pretty until the last day we were there. I asked my mom to save them for me. She was going to dry them and put them in my old room.


Damian played on that Kabota until someone gave him a ride in it.. every day.


I saw this shirt at Forever21 lol..


My dad tied the bandanna on Lali’s head.



giving the chickens some grass and leaves..



My mom and I got some coffee.. hers has double the cream mine has ..hehe.


First kind of hot day.. Lali wore some shorts.


& they played in the pool.


bubbles for the win.



All changed after playing in the pool and a bath.


Damian’s favorite  activity was feeding the horses.


My dad and Damian took a stroll together and came back with a brand new pair of boots, shirt, and a really nice sombrero.


He was not as sad as he looked.. He was really hot, that hat was really heavy. It’s quite a workout keeping it on.


Lali walked around with her sandal and kept waving it at me so I put it on her. She lost her other one at church.


My mom and I went out to get her a new pair of shoes.


That mummy was her favorite. It dances to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It was her baby. She would push it on, choke hold it, and walk around the house.


Damian rode a horse..


We got to the airport and i was so nervous. Nerves, nerves, nerves.. millions of thoughts going through my head, “how am I going to get through security with all these bags? ..My luggage is going to be over the weight it’s supposed to be.. ..what if someone tries to snatch up one of my kids..etc etc to infinity” you get the point.


We got through securtiy.. the airport people were really nice helped me get the stroller through and all our things. I got them a cookie to share.


We got on the plane. A lady helped me with one of my bags. Oh, on the way to LAX the pilot helped Damian with his little backpack, that was so sweet. The first flight was quite eventful. I bought us all two little meal boxes and they filled their tummies up. Damian had  eaten a bunch of raisins and got diarrhea.. lol. They went through him fast. He stained his shorts a little bit and I changed him in the airplane restroom. I took both the babies. We were all squished in there with the worlds tiniest changing table.


We had a layover in Portland. That was a fun two hours. I calmed them with some BBQ Lays and then Lali lost her mind. There was a very nice older lady that offered to help, we were the last to board. She carried my bag and put it in the overhead compartment for me.


Lali was still being crazy and I sang to her and was trying to soothe and rock her. It made more of an effect on Damian, lol. He fell asleep and then I placed his Pato so he could rest on it.


I nursed Lali and she fell asleep.


Only for about 15 minutes..


She was 100% more cheerful though.


First their sour.. then they’re sweet. Haha..


We landed and Damian woke up crying, not unusual. We were the last to get off and when we deplaned that lady that helped me with my bag was waiting for me with the stroller already unfolded and her husband with my bag. I sat Lali in the stroller, and tried to get Damian to stop crying. It was raining by the way. She took my bags and told me to carry Damian that they got it. I had my diaper backpack, another backpack, Damian’s little backpack, sombreros, the baby carries(too much stuff). We headed to baggage claim and her husband got my very large luggage off the belt and I thanked him profusely. They were so nice. I was heading out with the kids and all our stuff when the man and his wife came back,  he said, “they’re not allowed to get out”. I guess you’re not allowed to park even for a little bit to come in and get someone, it’s just a loading zone. The man helped me with the stroller and took us all the way to meet Danny who had just pulled up. They shook hands and Danny thanked them too. Off they went. She told me her name was Sandy, I was so grateful to such kind strangers. She told me she had 9 grandchildren. That made me smile. We were SO glad to see Danny too. He shaved his face! Lali was confused by it.

I am going to think really long and hard the next time I try to take a vacation without my love. ❤


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