Cali Vacation Part 1

This post has taken me so long to put together. I started about 3 days after we got back. We got back the 14th of March. I was SO sore the day after we got home. Traveling with two little ones is exhausting. My arms, thighs, and stomach were sore. I guess squatting down to pick up luggage and tiny people multiple times will do a number on you. Trust me. I told myself I was never going to do it again without Danny. I have the right to change my mind on that though πŸ˜‰ haha.. Anyway.. I took days and days uploading pictures because the process take foreeeever.. There were about 230+ pictures and videos and I didn’t even upload the videos. Forget that! I narrowed down the pictures, took out the blurry ones etc.. I put these in order the best I could.

We had lots of fun visiting family and already miss them so much! It was gloomy when we got there and I was freezing. My parents don’t usually run the heater and they have tile. I bundled up the babies and they had to wear gloves because their fingers were icicles. I think it must have been around 55 degrees and cloudy.


Damian wasn’t feeling too good and just wanted to sleep. This was the day after we got there. They had just started to get sick the day before we left.

Yes, that is an onion on his temple.


Morning cuddles with my dad.


He slept on the couch for about an hour.


Mmmm donuts πŸ™‚


Pancakes πŸ™‚ ..My mom made us pancakes for breakfast most of the days. Lali is wearing a bib. I put it on her and my mom was like, “that’s what that is??!” I post some videos on Snapchat sometimes of the kids eating and she thought I was dressing her the same for days and days. They came in a two pack, red and blue.. they are the best bibs!


My dad put Damian to work right away, and he was so eager to help.


I took the kids to the park.


Damian played with the toys at my Β parent’s house.


My dad got a bunch of bricks for his yard.


Lali bear starting to feel the sickness 😦 She didn’t eat very much for three days. She only nursed and slept.


The kids made a new friend.


Isn’t that such a cute miniature donkey?? We need one! He was so friendly and followed us around.


This was Damian saying bye to Papa Cuque because he was off to Nonie’s house.


I walked through the door to pick up the kiddos from Nonie’s and saw this. It about melted my heart. Look at Lali bear! She didn’t feel so good..


She couldn’t sleep at night either, she had a fever and so I scooped her up and brought her out for some snuggles.


Such a sweet little face.


Feeling a little better…


Hahaa, action shot!


Look at my weird tan, haha..


This was their favorite..riding the “caballo”


tired Papa Cuque. ❀


Stay tuned.. more pictures to come on my next post πŸ˜‰

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