I’ve Been Compromised!

This past week a lot of snow has melted off. When we are driving around we can see patches of grass on people’s lawns. Our driveway is almost fully melted off, which I am super excited about because it was becoming a very thick sheet of ice.


FRIDAY (2/17)

Damian’s ninja turtle riding on the horse with one of his Playmobil dudes.


We went over to our friend’s house to eat pizza and watch a movie. Finding Nemo. The kids were really into it 🙂



I was compromised. I got sick! It started with a runny nose and then a headache. The headache lasted until Tuesday. Worst ever!


Damian is reading here.

Even with a headache we went out to meet some friends at the bowling alley to play in their bouncy houses.


The most fun $2.50 can buy.


The kids had lots of fun getting all their energy out.

SUNDAY (2/19)

We had a birthday party to attend. It was a 3rd birthday tea party. There were tons of kids there and for a second I lost Citlali. I finally realized that she was sitting at the table, haha. Someone sat her down there and put a hat on. She stayed for the food. She’s eating a cake pop.


MONDAY (2/20)

I woke up with the headache again that just wouldn’t go away. It was so annoying. I had a cold but it would have just been like nothing without the headache. Anyway, Monday I just laid on the couch, put a movie on for Damian(Lali slept long for her morning nap) and laid on the couch.

Citlali collected dirty diapers and put them in the new diapers box.


Danny went out to buy me a chocolate peanut butter creme pie.


TUESDAY (2/21)

We went out to get some groceries. It was slushing outside. That’s what I call it.  Watery snow.


Of course the babies got to go on the bus ride.


Citlali doesn’t like to keep her gloves on.


The diaper ripped on me.


The babies dancing before bed time.


Daddy joined.


THURSDAY (2/23) today 

`I started packing this morning and Citlali climbed into the suitcase.


Citlali came over while I was sipping on my coffee.


Look at those eyelashes ❤ . By the way, last Wednesday before bible study as I was curling my eyelashes my hand twisted all of a sudden and I.TORE.OUT.MY.EYELASHES! AHHHHHHH!!! Not all of them thank goodness but a bunch of the inner side of my left eye. It was the worst.


I told her, “Citlali dame sonrisa(Citlali give me a smile)”. She was doing it for the coffee! Lol.


She was cheesing it up so hard I gave her a little sip. I have never seen her smile this big and fake before, haha.


I packed her little sandals that I got last fall. I got them for the summer, but it looks like they just barely fit her now. She got the biggest grin on her face when I put them on. She is such a girl. Danny said this picture reminded him of his baby pictures, only less chubby.


She lost them while she was eating and then she just went on and on to Danny, talking blabbering her head off. He was all, “she’s trying so hard to tell us something.” Finally, she pointed to her toes and Danny erupted into laughter.. “she wants her sandals back on!”. So he put them back on for her.

Happy as a clam. 🙂


Citlali woke up early from her afternoon nap so I brought her out with me. She missed Damian so she kept trying to open the door.


Danny took us out to dinner. Damian was telling me the color of the tiles.



Everything is a toy.


We are curled up watching AFV dying laughing at other people’s pain. More packing and cleaning the house for me tomorrow. See you guys soon!

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