No More Snow?

MONDAY (2/13)

After breakfast, Lali went down for her nap and Damian and tio Sam went out to play in the snow.


It was 37 degrees and felt pretty warm out.




Working up an appetite for lunch.


I told Damian to be careful and he makes a jump for it.

We picked up Danny and went to our favorite Mexican spot for lunch.


Sam was teaching him how to text.


TUESDAY (2/14) Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ ❤ ❤

The babies were sad after their tio Sam left.



Lali always tries to make a run for it when she sees the door open.


It’s cold outside baby bear.


Damian said this pile of pillows was a train. Damian has started to say, “mommy mira!(mommy look!)” and he waits until I look over, shows me whatever it is he wants me to see and then gives me a big ol’ grin once I do. I think it is so sweet.


He’s the conductor.



The kids took all the cushions off the couch and threw all the pillows aroudn and they jumped up and down the couch. They both bonked their heads a few times. One time Damian bonked himself really hard on something(I didn’t see what) and I ran over to comfort him. I held him and patted his back telling him he was okay. Citlali came over wrapped an arm around him and laid her head on his and patted his back with her other hand.


It has been raining for two straight days and the snow has slowly been melting. Our driveway still has a thick layer of ice and I always have to be holding the babies if I’m loading them into the car. The snow is really crunchy, hard, and heavy. We are wondering if it is the end of snow. It is supposed to snow some more but I don’t know if it will stick anymore. I guess we will find out.

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