Freezing Rain

Hump Day..

Wednesday lunch 🙂


Yea, the kids sure do love some sour cream.


I got Lali and Damian new cups. Damian’s old one got really moldy and I couldn’t find a replacement lid and Citlali’s fell on the floor and the lid broke so it can’t close. We still use it, but not for traveling. Anyway, I ordered a yellow one for Damian and a pink one for Citlali. When the pink one came, he decided he liked it better than the yellow one. He LOVES it and is so proud to say, “es ros(he means “rosa”, ‘it’s pink’ “.  He just learned that color, he used to call it rojo(red). I treasure his innocence, he doesn’t know pink is usually for girls and I don’t tell him.


Don’t worry, that’s not all he ate for lunch 😉


Lali woke up early from her nap and she hung out with me before we had to wake up Damian to go to the grocery store.


We woke up Damian and he cried and cried. He was extremely grumpy. I loaded the kids in the car and put their jackets on over their pajamas and headed to the grocery store. I grabbed a bag of veggies to bring to our bible study group. It is super annoying to be in a hurry with a grumpy child while you are trying to keep your sanity and calmly talk to them about their attitude. He kept holding back whimpers while we made our way through the store and then had an outburst when we had to leave the cart(it was one of those with the attached cars for kids). Those shopping carts are a pain to move through slushy snow.. believe me. Anyway.. after calming the grumpy child, I led him over to the little bus ride.


There we go, we turned that frown upside down.



We were going to go on a lunch date with Danny buuuut.. there was freezing rain. We decided at about 11am and I got all the kids ready and then went outside to turn on the car. I opened the driver door and it cracked open after a hard pull. I got the shovel and started to clear the driveway. The snow was super heavy and sticking to the shovel. It looked blue in some parts. After about 5 minutes I went back to the car an examined it. The whole car was covered in ice. I would have to clear it all around.. oh, and I hadn’t even put a dent on the driveway yet. In that moment, I turned off the car and told Danny it wasn’t going to happen. Lol.

I don’t have a picture because I didn’t want to go back outside to take one. The wires were freezing and I thought to myself, “If I go outside and the wires fall, they will surely fall on me and I will get electrocuted and die. The kids would be left motherless, better stay inside.” Welcome to my mom brain. I found this picture on Google, pretty darn close to what my car looked like.


Danny didn’t come home for lunch. I made the babies a quesadilla with some leftover veggies.


Oh, and a special chocolate milk treat. “ES CHOC!” Is what Damian exclaimed at his first sip. He says choc for short.


During nap time I discovered Damian put a bunch of felt food on his scooter and had taken it for a ride.


Danny put some curtain rods on the cabinet last night. For my pot lids.


Lali is supervising.


She is also supervising this diaper change.


Speaking of diaper change, this morning I changed Lali’s  after she started screaming and tugging at herself during breakfast. Sure enough, she had a poopy diaper. As I was changing her she started touching herself and got poop fingers. I screamed out in horror as I told her no and she wiggled and kicked her foot into the poop. Gahh.. I cleaned off her fingers and foot and she was happy when she was all clean. Well, sort of. She had a little rash. Is it just me or does it gross out anyone else when they(me, not the kids) get poop on their fingers when changing a diaper. I have no problem with the poop.. It’s my kids diapers so I don’t care. But goodness forbid I get some on my fingers.. I start to almost gag and it just, I don’t know. It’s happened a few times.

The ice has melted off the car since yesterday. Danny nearly ate it this morning walking out by his car. There is a solid layer of ice below the snow around the walkway/driveway in some areas. I watched him leave for work this morning and his car was sliding all over the place. Don’t worry, he made it okay. 😉 We are hanging out again this morning. We have the steepest roof on our block and for the last few days the snow has just been sliding off. It is up to our living room window now. I will take a picture and post later. It is a real issue with the roofs, a lot of people on our community page are seeking for people to clear theirs. A lot of people hiring for that too because of the demand. We are so thankful that is not something we have to worry about.

Happy Friday 🙂



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