More Snow

This is how babies relax. Here are some photos of the past week.


She is a pointer. She wants something, she points to it.


Damian playing with his horses.


“Mommy pon?(put)” and he holds up the man and the horse. So, I got the tape out.



It started to snow on Friday morning and boy did it come down.


Damian watched the snow.

Cuddles with Chapo. Choke hold.


Damian has had a cold since last Wednesday. Lali too. We hung out in our pajamas a lot. Boogers and coughs for days, otherwise I would have let him play outside in the snow. He made sandwiches instead.


I did scoop up some fresh snow for them to eat. I have been meaning to make the snow ice cream but they liked it plain. Haha.


Danny painted our window borders…


Damian helped.. that is our coat hanging area in the bathroom.


It kept snowing.


Danny got some snow off the shed.


We got about 3 feet this past weekend and it is supposed to snow on and off all week.


More bubbles.  Haha, she is SO cute ❤ . She has turned into a really cuddly baby. She has learned to give kisses and hugs and continues to interrupt my alone time by clocking me in the face with a book and then climbing on me so I can read to her. 🙂


We went to Home Depot Monday night and it continued to snow. It was blizzard like. We were looking for efficient storage ideas. We are trying to hang the pan lids on the cabinet doors.


We also tried to find a shovel with a bent bar.  Like this one. They only had plastic, so we didn’t get it.



Snow stuck on our wires. I don’t know if its the snow that slid off the roof or if it got icy and then the snow accumulated on it.


Hopefully the power doesn’t go out. 🙂 I told Danny that if it did, we would get a hotel room.. haha. Probably not.. I would find some friends to hang out with or go to the bouncy houses at the bowling alley. I hope it doesn’t come to that. It hasn’t been that cold, yesterday it was clear and sunny at 24 degrees. Today around 30. There is a really thick layer of ice on our driveway from the snow melting and freezing again the past few days. I have a little cabin fever with the kiddos being sick. It is hard to get out with Lali’s morning nap schedule too. I would have never thought that a trip to get grocery store would be so good for my mommy soul. Hope you are all staying warm out there 🙂 .

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