Snow, Ice, & Bowling


We drove to CDA to do some shopping. It was snowing a little bit.


We went to Target, Ross, and Kohl’s. I had lots of fun walking the isles while Danny followed me around the store with the babies.

When daddy dresses the baby…


We had a really lazy weekend and went to church, watched some football, and hung out with the babies. Oh, and we took out the bubble machine.


I have all my Christmas decorations in that Pampers box that is on the carpet. It has been in that spot for about 2 weeks. I just don’t want to take it out to the shed. Thanks to my laziness, that box blocked the table from falling on Lali when she pulled it onto herself. Make that be a lesson to you all πŸ˜‰




Danny got up really early to put some stickers and hooks on the inside of our cabinet. πŸ™‚


The hooks went on those wood pieces and Danny hung the cup and TBS/TSP measurements. LOVE IT!


Good morning little one..


..& other little one..


Pancakes and bacon. WIN.


Sunday night after the kids go to bed and I start cleaning up, I put all of Damian’s toys on the table. I set up all his little horses with the guys riding them. I love having him come out of his room to discover them neatly placed in different positions. Lali just destroys.. haha.


Here is my little climber. I used the restroom and came out to this.


I thought it was so funny. She also loves to bring us books and she hands them to us, backs up her caboose and sits right on our lap and leans into us so that we can read with her. It is the sweetest thing. I found that book at the dollar tree and she loves pointing at all the cats.


When Danny came home we went bowling!


Those tiny shoes!!


Lali just wanted to run around.


They have really good deals for the week, we are going to go more often. They also have a huge room with a lot of bouncy houses, castles, slides.. obstacle course.. and they charge $2.50 for kids 2 and under and $5.50, I believe for older kids to bounce in there. They have some pretty comfy looking chairs for the parents to sit and watch them too. Definitely going to go to tire Damian out one of these days.


Good morning crazy gremlins.


The kiddos played, Danny came home for lunch, and the kids went down to nap without a peep. It is snowing. It is magical outside. πŸ™‚ I took out the trash to the corner and the snow is really crunchy. With it melting for the last few days and refreezing again it has made it icy. I imagine it’s not very fun to play in it right now. When we came home from the bowling alley last night, the roads were icy. You couldn’t really tell either. Scary.

The days are slowly getting longer and the sun is setting at around 4:30pm.. It seems kind of normal now, but I’m sure the longer days are going to creep up as fast as the short ones did. We are all booked up to visit family soon. We went in the late summer and had climate shock and I am really interested to compare the winters after being here. Hopefully, it won’t be flooding when we go.


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