It’s Raining!

Today we woke up to about 3 inches of snow and rain. It was about 34 degrees out. Danny said it was by far the heaviest snow he’s shoveled yet.

We have had a pretty calm week, this was last week. I lost track of when..

We made forts.

Rode around the table.


Oh, our very awesome friends invited us over for brunch and sledding down a hill right behind their house. They live behind a church and there is a nice little pile of snow conveniently plowed behind their alley and they pounded it down.

There go my babies!


We went to McDs on Monday. Danny was off and we went out to Home Depot first. Our mailbox post was knocked over by a car. It knocked over 4 mailboxes, ours included. Anyway.. the landlord put his 3 mailboxes on for our neighbors and left ours on the old post on the ground. We found a really nice metal post on clearance for $8, score! We were planning to use a bucket and fill it with rocks or sand or something with a wooden post. We lucked out and put it right in front of our house instead of the corner(the mailman knocked on our door and said we could).


Damian and Danny got a haircut. Danny cut Damian’s hair and I cut his.


I got some place mats for the kiddos. Love it! I was getting tired of scrubbing off food from the table.


That’s all of the pictures!

I have to say, today was my first bad experience with snow. I should say slush. It was raining all day and I shoveled snow after the plow came this morning and before Danny got home from work. It was really heavy and icy in the spot where Danny’s car was. It was not that bad, but we haven’t salted so the ice layer is getting thick in parts of the driveway. Anyway, I didn’t really shovel my car out because Danny made a comment earlier in the day that I shouldn’t need to shovel my car out. After the babies napped and dinner time approached, it was time for bible study. I was getting ready to load the kiddos into the car, Lali in arms when BOOM! all of a sudden I’m on the ground. I slipped on ice that had accumulated under Danny’s car(that wasn’t there, he was still at work). Lali was okay, praise the Lord. I landed on my side and had her held perfectly up and she didn’t even touch the ground. Damian just stared at me and I told him to not run because he would fall like mommy did. Haha.. I’m sure I will have a narly bruise down my leg. Sooo, I get in my car and my tires are spinning.. can’t go backwards or forwards. I get out of the car and go get the shovel. Shovel most of the driveway and behind the car. Get back in the car and made a successful exit. Slush is not your friend. Slush is what our friends warned us about. I drove very slowly most of the way. Slush everywhere as the snow melted. We made it home safe afterwards 🙂 . We have quite a warm week ahead of us, all above freezing. We shall see how this melting snow business plays out.

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