Snow Piles

This is Citlali’s FAVORITE game to play. It is, put the blanket over my head and walk around giggling until it falls off.



It snowed Sunday night and we woke up to about 8-10 inches of snow.  Danny took my car because his little Focus wouldn’t make it through the streets. Not all of them are plowed magically by morning..the plows must work their routes. Damian and I headed out while Lali took her morning nap and got to work. Damian climbed all over the piles in our yard..sinking about a foot each step he took.


I was able to find some pink waterproof gloves for Lali for the next couple of years.. Damian borrowed them.


I guess I could cave and buy him some on Amazon…


Eventually he cried out, “onta bota!!?(where’s my boot!!?)” I lifted him out of the snow and the boot was nowhere to be found. I took him inside, took all his snow clothes off, and plopped him on the sofa with a cartoon while I looked for his boot. I ran my hands through a bunch of snow and then I took my shovel and started sifting and stabbing through it all. Annoyed at this point, because I still have a lot of driveway to shovel and my muscles hurt. I think I was shoveling part of my lawn for about 20 minutes before I went back to where I first started and voila, there it was. Right at the top of a little corner mountain between the lawn and sidewalk.

There it is finished. I didn’t scrape into the cement so you can’t tell from the picture. It’s hardly the time to be a perfectionist when I’ve spent an hour and a half outside shoveling plus 20 minutes looking for a boot.


Lali likes putting on headbands too. She tries.


Danny was on bath duty.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Damian play with his playmobil. Here he was placing them all on the table and saying, “dormido(sleeping)”.


Do you seem them?



“no baby!! NO TOQUES(DON’T TOUCH)!” he tells the baby not to touch them. Then, I tell him to give her one. He gives her the one with the broken tail.. etc.


Lali’s feet when she’s getting a diaper change. ❤ Danny taught her to hold her legs up.


WEDNESDAY 1/11 (today)

The clearest days are the most chilly. My phone said it was going to be frigid today. I went to Wal-Mart with the kiddos and these are their snow piles. It’s hard to tell from the picture but they are about 15 feet or more, I would say. 14 degrees with a wind chill of -5, I think.


Then this happened before Danny came home for lunch.


I know what you are all thinking.. Danny thought that too! I told him my exciting news of finding curtain liners at Wal-Mart for 25 cents. Yes, people. That is what happens to you when you become an adult. You become excited about weird things. Wives/women like saving money. I know they tell you how much they saved when they went shopping. 😉

Damian insisted on putting the wheelbarrow behind the horse. He thinks it’s a carriage! I used some tape.


Then, he wanted them to ride the elephant.





These are all the things I swept up today.


We went to bible study tonight and they are all OVER the snow. They are dreaming of beaches and sunlight after 4 pm. They were kind of assuming we were miserable, probably because we are from sunny California. I was telling them that I love it. I am not tired of it yet. Someone chimed in “honeymoon stage”. Haha.. I’ve never had snow and it is so much fun, even with the shoveling.


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