Those Molars

Right after I made the cookies, the babies ate one and went to sleep for their afternoon nap. Damian woke up really hot and I offered him cookies because I knew he was sick.


He didn’t eat that cookie.


 I told you they were a lot of cookies.



His fever fluctuated between 99 degrees and 102. For TWO days. Longest two days of my life.


He just watched movies all day and didn’t want to move.


Lali was happy as a clam, as usual.


Our backyard is still covered with snow. It hasn’t snowed in about 2 weeks.


That reads 102. 😦 I remember when Damian was 6 months old and he had his first fever ever. I laid out a blanket in his room and laid with him and had a bottle full of water that I would give to him every time he woke up, and then I would nurse him back to sleep the many times he woke up during the night. He was so little, and I felt so helpless. I felt helpless this time too.

Citlali brought me a diaper right after she pooped.

I was so relieved after 2 days of a sick Damian. Especially after Googling cold feet and fever and Meningitis coming up, scaring me half to death. My guess is, his molars are coming in. Because they are, and he isn’t sick with anything else.

Anyway, Lali tapped on my computer while a tab was open to my email and a picture popped up on a separate window.


You guys, THIS popped up! This was 10/23/07. Danny and I used to text a lot and eventually, we would text pictures to our emails. I think I would randomly snap photos of him at work and send them to him. Haha. Sounds kind of dumb, but I’m glad I have this to show the kids.


Here is Damian the day he felt better. It never felt so good to have a messy house with toys scattered all over the place. 🙂


Did you see that…?


Damian put hats on all his toys and a bucket on one.


I was dying of laughter. Little minds at work. Love it!


Tonight we are snuggling in. I forgot to mention, Danny and I put in some insulation in the attic last weekend. The house is much warmer. We have had quite a bit of cold spells. A lot of “feels like -4 to -15 degrees.” It shall pass. The days Damian was sick I slept with him in his room. Danny and I slept on the sofa bed the last couple of days. The sofa bed is super uncomfortable. The springs make my body ache. Sorry Pete, I hope it wasn’t too bad on you. Maybe it’s my old age. Anyway.. Danny is out on a guys poker night and the kids are in bed, not yet asleep. Gaahh..

I went shopping today while the babies were napping. Thank goodness, momma needs alone time. Even if it’s just wandering around window shopping. I found some really comfy leggings that are fleece lined and they are the best thing EVER.  It’s like legging sweats. GENIUS. I told Danny that I need three more pairs, so he’s out winning the money to buy them now! 😉 haha, I kid.. kind of.


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