New Year, Make Cookies

We went to Wal-Mart & Damian ran straight towards this cart and sat down. I was just like, “okay..”. I was going to put the baby in a regular cart and let him run around but this contained the little gremlin so I wasn’t going to fight it. Matching outfits for the win. I think this is the first matching outfit I have ever got them. Sooo cute.


 MONDAY 1/2/17

Danny got yesterday off and it was a nice sunny day. He let me sleep in while he fed the kids and I drooled on my pillow. I got up and we went out to find a hill to sled down with the kiddos. It was kind of a bad idea because it was 17 degrees outside with a narly wind chill. I think it was -4 wind chill. Damian got snow on his face and started crying and Citlali was having fun for a little while.. as you can see…


Damian calmed down a bit and then hopped on with Lali. We weren’t out very long. My fingers froze in the short amount of time I took pictures and videos. They hurt and I couldn’t feel them. Then, my fully charged phone died. Apparently iPhones don’t do so well below 30 degrees.I plugged my phone in the car charger and it came back on after a while to a full 100 percent charge. Citlali was SCREAM crying when she got back in the car. Her poor hands and face were soooo chilled. I really need to get them better gloves.Damian was begging for the blanket. Poor things. Note, they were wearing snow overalls and jackets.


We went out to lunch and then came home and didn’t go outside again for the whole day.


Citlali’s new little lamb. She hugs it and walks around the table with it.



Lali slept really long for her morning nap and got up right before lunch. Damian was being a little grumpy pants and didn’t want to eat. I think he was tired because I heard him waaay before we got out of bed this morning. Danny came home to eat taquitos with soup. He left and I took out my leftover cookie dough. I had the kids help make cut-outs.


Lali wanted to eat them raw..


It made a TON of little cookies. Damian and Lali are napping, and I am making frosting. Since these are little cookies, I can eat more of them, naturally. 😉  Happy New Year everyone!

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