Shoveling & The Flu

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted, and I have a lot of pictures. I am going to do a few posts. Danny got really sick  Friday(12/16) and he felt as he was going to die. He stayed home from work and had a really high fever and just felt really yucky. It snowed and snowed and Saturday came and Danny’s fever still hadn’t broken. I decided to shovel some snow to clear our walk and driveway outside and brought Damian with me.


I couldn’t find his gloves, so he borrowed Lali’s.



It was about 33 degrees and raining. The snow was sticking to the shovel, no fun.


He’s playing in the ditch.


I showed him he could eat it.


It took me about 2 hours to clear everything out. There were playing breaks though. Let me tell you, what a a workout. I am going to have abs of steel.


The babies played while daddy laid on the couch.


I drove to the grocery store a few times for pineapple juice, cough drops, vapor rub, etc.


Nicely plowed street.


& a more traveled road..


The grocery store puts down de-icer so that people don’t slip and die on their way in or out.


Monday(12/19) came and Damian had a 102 fever. 😦 Danny’s fever broke Sunday morning, if I remember correctly and then got it back later in the day and onto Monday..


Lali was happy as a clam. I waited and waited for her to get sick..she didn’t.  Damian’s fever lasted a whole day. He didn’t eat anything and woke up 90% better, no fever just a cough. Danny was still feeling yucky and had lingering headaches and the fever came and went.


Here are the hooligans playing where they shouldn’t.


Cuddles. Here Danny was feeling better. He went back to work Wednesday, still not 100%.


The boys have made a full recovery since then :). The girls got lucky, this time. I was shocked that Lali didn’t get sick, since she’s the youngest and because it was a nasty virus. I have never in my life had the flu. You know, Danny has a theory. He suspects it’s because I drank the water in Mexico since I was a child. I could still go back and drink it. Both my grandparents receive their drinking water from a hose every morning. I am not quite sure what that hose is connected to but water comes every morning. I think it’s a well..? I should ask my mom. Anyway.. every summer we went to visit for a month and everyone always drank that water.. my parents didn’t really take precautions to buy us “special bottled water”. They also don’t live in a city. They live in a small town where I don’t think their water would be contaminated.

You know a fun fact? Citlali and I are the same blood type. Maybe that had something to do with it..? I have read some things that people with different blood types experience illnesses different.

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