Christmas Day

This is what Damian got for Christmas.


He was hiding in the box.


We were off to Montana to visit family.


Our evil cat scratched her while she was eating breakfast.




Idaho roads…


Montana roads.. as soon as we crossed.


I didn’t take any pictures of our time with family. My phone was put away in the room the whole time. We had a nice time though :). We got back home and had more family arriving to visit, which was a TON of fun. Damian misses them and asks me where everyone is since they left. Bitter sweet not taking pictures. Pro, that I wasn’t busting my phone out a lot, but con that I want Damian and Lali to look back at their visit. Danny sometimes asks me why I need a picture and to just to be in the moment. I try, I really do. But I want my blog to read as a journal and to bring me memories of my little ones when they’re all grown up and married or out on their own. I don’t remember everything I do everyday, heck.. I can hardly remember what day of the week it is. My babies are not babies any more and it goes by too fast. I want to remember everything. ❤

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