Wind Chill

It was either Tuesday or Wednesday that Damian skipped his nap for the second day in a row. He started to fall asleep at the dinner table. Haha.. it was so funny. This has never happened before. He must have been wiped out.



Lali started to bring her boots over to me. I sit her on my lap and put them on her. She kicks her foot forward to “help” put them on. I took them off at one point and then she picked them both up and started shaking them at my face until I put them back on. Then she stomped away..


Kisses for Chapo.


& then Chapo pushes her away.





Today we woke up with a little sickie bear.. Danny. He coughed all night and had a fever this morning. He went in to work for a little bit and then came straight home. School was cancelled today because of a -25 wind chill.The police department posted it on Facebook since yesterday. It is actually only 18 degrees out and sunny and my phone says it “feels like” -2. Well, earlier in the morning, it has changed to it “feels like” 3 degrees now. I was outside for about 15 minutes searching through some plastic bins with some leggings, my fuzzy boots, long sleeve, winter coat, and some basic dollar gloves and only my nose was cold. I was searching for some GSE and Lali’s slipper socks. The wind was super chilly, but it didn’t feel like I was going to die, so there’s that. The GSE was frozen, ha.

This morning, before Danny came home I made the babies french toast. Damian got some chocolate milk in a mug and he called it “foffee”.


We are hanging out, braving the cold 😉 . Hopefully the babies don’t get sick.. but if they do, hopefully it passes quickly.

Oh, I drove in the snow for the first time 2 days ago. I was going really slow. Apparently, not slow enough because when I was pressing on my breaks for a stop sign ahead and I just kept going. I was pressing slowly too. I got to the stop line, still going so I just let go of the brakes and turned onto the street. I checked that there were no cars coming before the rolling stop. It was so scary. It was scary in slow motion. The babies were down to the diapers that they had on, so it was necessary that we went to buy some. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have left the house. I am glad I did though. Makes for good practice. The main roads weren’t bad at all, it was just on the less traveled roads in the neighborhood that it was sketchy. Of course, even on the main roads I was going slower than usual. I slid on the way home too. A different stop sign. I guess I now know what to expect the next time I go out.


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